Time Travel definition in fiction

– what to look for


This is my guide for my Time Travel Movie list – things to consider, when digging up titles.

NB: Be aware of plot-spoilers in method and tags – let people mess up their own viewing pleasure via imdb and RT.


Who is the POV of the story?
Evaluation of the Time Travel theme lies with this view.

Time Travel is a matter of perspective:
Who or what leaves the orderly progression of events, and who is visited by persons, data or objects of a later or earlier data?

Life lived out of sync
with everything else from the perspective of the observing eye – either ageing faster or slower in relative measurement.


Entropic decay of bio-matter will co-exist with matter either younger or older life in relative terms calculated from the assumed beginning of the present cosmological expansion. Continue reading “Time Travel definition in fiction”

Impulse (TV Series 2018–2019)

– two opinions

Created by Jeffrey Lieber. With Maddie Hasson, Sarah Desjardins, Enuka Okuma, Craig Arnold. A young woman discovers she has the extraordinary power of teleportation.

Source: Impulse (TV Series 2018–2019) – IMDb

review: 3/10 -> 8/10

Series ends 10 minutes into last episode!?

26 June 2018 – 14 out of 26 users found this review helpful.

Impulse (2018. Ep01 the first 5 minutes pulled me in like the cow splitting in “Under the dome” ep01, but even so the singular deal-with-rape in a budding recognition of teleportation powers-story with both international and local side story persecution is maybe wisely only given 10 eps, and how they will resolve even that in the last 4 eps is beyond me.

Then for unfathomable reasons I DID watch the last 4 episodes: Continue reading “Impulse (TV Series 2018–2019)”

One Voice Less

A very very loong list of scifi and fantasy in development (2018).

(Almost) Every Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Comic Book Adaptation in the Works

For some, probably the dream of imaginings – for others, maybe part of the problem, but here is a 2018 list of  planned scifi and fantasy series and films dreamed of. And WHAT a list!

Sure, there’s a market and investors and actors and an industry needing the work – and many series and movies are becoming less sexist and open to identification on a human level, which is a relief – but it’s hard not to see this collective drive as one long Creative Scream for another world. A manageable world. With comprehensible endings and right beginnings. With coherent reality. With identifiable villains. With heroes of human strengths and weaknesses. Just something other than this mess of an Earth, which many are seeing at present.

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KRIGER. Problemstilling, konflikt og ro

Serieidé, 5 bøger. Vil du være med?

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 17.23.44Et ungt menneske, som ikke er harmonisk og perfekt, finder en tekst, der beskriver den harmoniske kriger. Ved at leve teksten, opdager han/hun hvad det vil sige selv at VÆRE en kriger i ro. Continue reading “KRIGER. Problemstilling, konflikt og ro”

Life Supporting Illusions

Technologification of mythology blurrs the line btw fact and fiction.

I am delving into the drama-mythos for the Stargate franchise SG-1, and came across two relevant inputs:

A master thesis by Sandra Whitelaw: “The Attraction of Sloppy Nonsense: Resolving Cognitive Estrangement in Stargate through the Technologising of Mythology

And an excerpt from a book on Kant by Predrag Cicovacki, as follow-up on the concept of “Necessary Illusions”: Continue reading “Life Supporting Illusions”

Himmelskibet #37, 2013

Ny novelle i tryk.

Jeg bidrager med en novelle, Kastanjekuglen, og dertil er der noveller af Chris d’Amato og Rasmus Wichman. Samt anmeldelser, nekrologer og artikler.*

Himmelskibet, Magasinet for Fantastik, ér netop dét: En udtryks- og udgivelsesplatform for alt, der relaterer sig til den fantastiske genre af interesse for danske læsere, givet også med blik for og på, at danske og andennationalitets-læsere i denne genre ofte er selvhjulpne hvad angår nyheder. Continue reading “Himmelskibet #37, 2013”