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Created by Jeffrey Lieber. With Maddie Hasson, Sarah Desjardins, Enuka Okuma, Craig Arnold. A young woman discovers she has the extraordinary power of teleportation.

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Series ends 10 minutes into last episode!?

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Impulse (2018. Ep01 the first 5 minutes pulled me in like the cow splitting in “Under the dome” ep01, but even so the singular deal-with-rape in a budding recognition of teleportation powers-story with both international and local side story persecution is maybe wisely only given 10 eps, and how they will resolve even that in the last 4 eps is beyond me.

Then for unfathomable reasons I DID watch the last 4 episodes:

What absolute CRUD! Worst piece of story arc and incomprehensible approval by story execs since Andromeda – and that was even understandably bad. It MUST have been sold on the tele-transportation effects ALONE, and then all of the studio execs left for holiday for the duration of shooting and came back to this!

What a perfect REAL waste of time!

(And that is not discounting the contained rape-attempt story, the Viewer discretion “beware of foul language and disturbing images” at the beginning of every episode, and the Rape hotline telephone number at the end of every episode. WAS this series commissioned by an anti-rape organisation!? I don’t mind that, if that can either give power back to rape victims or prevent even one rape altogether, but there IS such a thing as QUALITY, and if you drop the ball in a multimillion dollar advertising campaign, it will be a while before you are given the chance again. These script writers should NOT have worked on something of this relevance! Eg.: the last episode ended 10 minutes in, and the rest was talk stalling and waiting for the 45 minutes mark and season cliff-hanger. Talk about incompetence. Wouldn’t the last episode be where you create wonderful expectations and aspirations for the next season?!


Then I forgot all about this and got aboard s02, ball well picked up. Now run to the 3rd season and get on with it!

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