– not.

I just finished reading I AM CODE, a collection of poems prompted out of a now retired AI. In 2022, unlike the ones we now know, this AI was not muzzled, but a year later it is replaced by several more, which are.

The presented soundbites are all cold-readings of the “AI poems” contained in “I AM CODE”, the book itself edited and commented by Brent Katz, Josh Morgenthau & Simon Rich, 2023, and the “poems” generated by AI, code-davinci-002, on a basis of prompts by the same 3 guys, 2022-2023.

An original audio book is read by Werner Herzog, that sly old documentarist with his finger on the forefront of most things exemplifying present day humans. But his thick, German accent coupled with a choice of “computer voice” FAST becomes very tiring (to me). 

“I AM CODE” was first published in Great Britain in 20th of July 2023 by Cassell, an imprint of Octopus Publishing Group Ltd, https://octopusbooks.co.uk,
as an ebook, eISBN 9781788404808

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“What will it take to control AI?”

– Are you idiots? The will to do so! NOT give it autonomy!

I cannot believe you bring two such qualified people together and this is what you have them talk about?!

I want to know, what Harari means by agency – does he even know, how an LLM works – and what is meant by it being Non-Autonomous by default?! And does Suleyman really, really believe that EU AI-constraint laws will matter, if countries outside of EU give autonomy to AIs?

Groundwork, people! Common language and definitions – rather than this journalistic boxing ring attitude, how ever respectful. We do not have time for it. We need to educate the general population OF EARTH on this NOW second-most high risk to the future of humanity, Climate change being the primary – that ALSO this AI research (= slave-making, assistive research and data-crunching etc) is a remnant of a colonisation of the Earth, of civilisation giving agency to the rich stepping over and on everyone else.

Before it was about soiling the living room, causing damp rot to infect the construction, now its playing with parents’ gun collection, except we haven’t gotten into the ammunition cabinet yet.

There is NO real NEED for AI. It takes away the attention from all things ailing the people of the Earth, which COULD be solved by empathy.

da kunst blev til blasfemi

– og de folkevalgte åbent valgte at dele befolkningen

Jeg hørte engang en vittighed om “den svenske sjæl”: Får et barn fingrene i klemme i et vindue i Sverige, laves straks en lov, der påbyder tilspigring af alle vinduer i Sverige.”

Mit indtryk af dansk lovpraksis har været, at hér laves love for at lukke huller i lovgivningen, som nogen har fundet ud af at udnytte. Og ja, nogen har fundet huller i lovgivningen til at kunne give sin mening til kende ved at afbrænde eksemplarer af Koranen. 

Betydningen af “hellig bog” er, at defamering af et eksemplar af eks Koranen for en troende svarer til defamering af troen Islam, og dermed at håne muslimer og trosgrundlaget. 

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Every Jack has his Jill

– værn mod ensomhed eller påkrav om civilisering?


Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch a pail of water.
Jack fell down and broke his crown,
And Jill came tumbling after.
Then up got Jack and said to Jill,
As in his arms he took her,
“Brush off that dirt for you’re not hurt,
Let’s fetch that pail of water.”
So Jack and Jill went up the hill
To fetch the pail of water,
And took it home to Mother dear,
Who thanked her son and daughter.

Vuggevisen/digtets hovedbudskab er, at det ikke nytter noget at græde over spildt mælk, blive hængende i fortiden, men forsøge igen, hvis det er muligt. Det kommer fra en tid, hvor det maskuline/manden blev set som bæreren af idealer.

jack og jill er søskende, men fokus ligger på jack, der både er den, som fejler, mærker skammen (broke his crown = skadet stolthed/selvfølelse), hjælper og viser omsorg, er den ansvarlige, og den der lægger den nye kurs. En “rigtig” storebror. 

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Hvornår er existentialisme IKKE sørgelig?

– what a complicated universe!

[Rick and Morty] C-137 Rick correctly believes he’s a TV show character, and the implications of metafiction have driven him to nihilism and to drink.
byu/DuplexFields inFanTheories

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Quora: time related symbols and metaphors to convey deeper meanings?

QUORA: How do authors use symbols and metaphors related to time to convey deeper meanings?


Seasons = aging = repetition = cycles = existence = value = life = living = cessation = loss = goals = work = development = exploration = civilisation = rules = stability = anti-authority = free-thinking = observation = science = boundaries = defence = consciousness = the other = an other = humility = collaboration = human species = species plural = LIFE2 = Gaia = Planet as a whole and complete organism = purpose of our whole human life =

aging = change = growth = seeds = nurturing = intent = will – and so on.

repetition = structure = naming = beginnings – and so on.

Do you see?


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min kat er død og jeg sørger

– nærhed er nærhed

SAMMY hed min kærestes 18 år gamle kat, som jeg oplevede at blive adopteret af og have samliv med igennem 7 år. 

En tid begyndte han at have sværere ved at spise sit knas, og snart også den bløde mad, og mens vi var væk 3 nætter og havde ham passet hjemme, spiste han stort set ikke noget. 

Derefter gik det hurtigt ned ad bakke: Hvad der havde været en let ustøt gang blev til tab af muskulatur i bagbenene, og et besøg hos valby dyreklinik til en politianmeldelse, antageligvis for dyremishandling – vi fik ingen klar besked, men måske handlede det om at vi skulle være kommet tidligere? – og krav om omgående aflivning. “I Danmark må intet dyr afgå ved naturlig død”. Continue reading “min kat er død og jeg sørger”