77 Norske, Finske, Svenske og Danske scifi- og fantasyfilm 2014-16

af hvilke 16 er danske.


Redaktøren for Nordic Fantasy skriver:

This list includes short films, TV projects, DTV productions, big budget features, web video and low budget indies. In other words, everything related to moving images from the Nordic science fiction and fantasy genres. The list is not necessarily complete, and although months of research have gone into finding every known project and their creators (not an easy task, movies in development are sometimes well hidden), you are welcome to send us links or info on titles not covered here.

This list includes upcoming movies that are predominantly within the sci-fi and fantasy genres. Note that releases dates and project details may change, and that the projects range from confirmed desk drawer projects to theatrical-ready films. The status of the projects have been included whenever possible.

Sweden 35

The circle (fantasy, horror) big budget. Release date: February 18, 2015.

Som en vårmånad / Like a spring month (sci-fi), micro-budget post-apocalyptic Western. Release date: TBA.

2054 (sci-fi) Swedish 5 minute short film. Release date: December 2014.

Utväxlingen / The exchange (sci-fi, drama, fantasy) short film. Release date: February 2015.

Svart regn / Black rain (postapocalyptic drama) 30 minute short film. Release date: January 2015.

Tick Tock (drama, comedy, fantasy) Swedish short film, still in development. Release date: January 2015.

Despoteia (drama, sci-fi, thriller) Swedish 15 minute short film. General release date: TBA.

Redeem (action, sci-fi, adventure) feature film trilogy in development. Release date: TBA.

Livslinjer (action, sci-fi, thriller) TV series currently in production. Release date: TBA.

Allen Quatermain and the Oriental Death Stone (adventure, fantasy) Swedish-Korean project in development. Release date: TBA.

Apocalypse Machines (sci-fi) Previously known as War on Earth. Indie feature. Release date: TBA.

Luna Project (sci-fi, horror) low budget feature. Release date: TBA.

The Refugees (sci-fi, action) Swedish-Australian co-production. Release date: Fall 2015.

LFO (sci-fi, drama) Low budget feature. Release date: October 28, 2014.

Sound and fury (fantasy, drama) Modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s work. Release date: TBA.

Molly Monster (fantasy) Animated feature for small children. . Release date: 2015.

Månulvarna (fantasy) Animated feature film for children. Release date: Spring 2015.

Doctor Proctor’s timetub (fantasy, comedy) Sequel to the successful Doctor Proctor’s Fart Powder. Release date: TBA.

UFO (sci-fi) 28 minute science fiction short. Release date: 2015.

The thieves’ Christmas: The wizard’s daughter (fantasy, family) Feature. Release date: November 14th, 2014.

refugeesposterWild witch (fantasy)  Children’s fantasy movie based on Lene Kaaberbøl’s books. Release date: TBA.

Dream Triptych (fantasy, drama) Animated short film for adults. Release date: 2015.

The boy with the golden pants (fantasy, family) big budget feature. Release date: September 26th, 2014.

Body Hackers (sci-fi) Swedish science fiction feature. Release date: 2015.

Orestes (fantasy, adventure) Feature film. Currently in development. Release date: TBA.

Brothers Lionheart (fantasy) Fantasy film based on the 1973 Astrid Lindgren book. Release date: 2016.

Huldra: Lady of the forest (fantasy, thriller) Psychological fantasy thriller. Release date: TBA.

Capsulae 1.250.000 (sci-fi)  English-language film. Release date: TBA.

Thale 2 (fantasy) Sequel to the successful 2012 indie Thale. Release date: TBA.

Shooting ghost (adventure, fantasy) Children’s action/adventure feature. Currently not in active development.

Outgrowth (fantasy, adventure) Supernatural action/adventure thriller. Currently not in active development.

Spam (sci-fi, action) Feature movie.  Currently in development.

APP’d (fantasy, sci-fi) High concept fantasy adventure story. Currently not in active development.

Voodoo Cowboys (fantasy, adventure) Family action/adventure story.Not in active development.

Finland 15

Deluge – Sands of Sarasvati (sci-fi, disaster) feature. Release date: TBA

Space Station Jupiter (sci-fi, drama, action) (previously known as Operation Noah) is a television miniseries. Release date: TBA.

They rest in the north (sci-fi, war, drama) low budget feature. Release date: TBA.

Jeremiah Harm (sci-fi) Finnish-American big budget movie. Release date: TBA.

Soulweaver (sci-fi) post-apocalyptic feature. Release date: TBA.

Hölötrekki 2 (sci-fi) Sequel to the low budget animated / puppet movie from 2011. Release date: TBA.

Cased (sci-fi) indie feature. Release date: December 2015.

Mermaid (fantasy, adventure) Family fantasy film. Release date: TBA.

Iron Sky 2: The coming race (sci-fi, comedy) To be shot in 2015. Release date: 2016.skumringslandet teaser

Iron Sky 3 (sci-fi, comedy). Release date: TBA.

Iron Sky: Houston, we have a problem (sci-fi, comedy) A multi-season TV or web series prequel. Release date: TBA.

Nymphs – the movie (fantasy) 12-part TV series. Release date: TBA.

Replacements (sci-fi, drama) TV series in development. Release date: TBA.

Night of the witch (fantasy, thriller) Feature. Release date: TBA.

Number 13 (fantasy, horror, thriller) An English-language, Finnish werewolf inversion. Release date: TBA.

Norway 13

Elmer’s law (sci-fi, drama, action) low budget 56-minute film made by students. Release date: TBA.

Thor Jr (fantasy, adventure) Children’s fantasy film in development. Release date: TBA.

From Ashes to Embers (fantasy, drama) indie feature. Release date: 2016.

The Dream Prince (fantasy) Norwegian-American-Spanish feature. Release date: TBA.

Gatekeeper (sci-fi) Fan-film is planned to be a 120 minute “non-commercial” movie where Star Trek and Star Wars meet in the same universe. Release date: TBA.

Ingen manns land (sci-fi) low budget feature. Release date: Summer 2015.

(Untitled movie) (fantasy, drama) Movie based on the poem Haugtussa by Arne Gargborg (1851 – 1924). Release date: TBA.

The Tunnel (sci-fi) One of the most complex special effects movie ever made in Norway. Release date: Winter 2014/2015.

Sofia Flux (sci-fi, drama) TV series. Release date: October 2014.

Outpost Wild (fantasy, horror) a series of fantasy-horror short films inspired by Nordic tales and folklore. Release date: December 2014.

Occupied (sci-fi, thriller) 10-part TV series. Release date: TBA.

The Veil of Twilight / Skumringslandet (thriller, fantasy) Feature. Release date: October 10th, 2014.

What the dragon wrote (sci-fi) 15 minute short film. Release date: TBA.

Denmark 16

The shamer’s daughter (fantasy, drama) Big budget feature. Release date: Spring 2015.

Antboy 2 (sci-fi, drama) Sequel to the 2013 original film. Release date: December 25, 2014.

Tidsrejsen (TV Series) not yet released

The Great Triumphs (12 min Short Film) Release data: Oct. 2014

The Incredible Machine (scifi TV Movie) Danish-Dutch production, 80 mins. Release data: Feb. 2014

Inmate 48 (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller) Short Film 25 mins. Release data: 2014

Tunguska Diaries (Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller) Short 3 mins. Release data: 2014

Momentum (Scifi, time travel) Short, 16 min. Release data: 2014

The Lego Movie (Animation) Feature. Australia/USA/Denmark. Release data: Feb. 2014

Song of the sea (Animation, fantasy, family) Ireland/Denmark/Belgium/Luxembourg/France-collaboration. Release data: Feb. 2015

Echoes of a Ronin (Action, Drama) Short 20 min. Release data April 2014

Between the Gods (Action, Fantasy) Short 36 min. Release data: January 2016

Outside the season (Adventure, Fantasy) short. Released: June 2014

Neka (Adventure, Animation) short, 4 min. Release data: april 2014

Tantalus (Fantasy) Short 14 min. Release data: Feb. 2014

Hogwarts: The Truth About Potter (TV-series) Release data: Oct. 2014

Når dyrene drømmer (Drama, fantasy) Feature. Release date: July 2014

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