The logic to species advancement of PRISON.

Article 3(1) of Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society must be interpreted as meaning that the embedding, by means of the technique of framing, in a third party website page, of works that are protected by copyright and that are freely accessible to the public with the authorisation of the copyright holder on another website, where that embedding circumvents measures adopted or imposed by that copyright holder to provide protection from framing, constitutes a communication to the public within the meaning of that provision.


This ruling closes a lot of doors between people.

It seems to me – increasingly – that what WAS about people wrongly monetising other people’s copyright, IS becoming SOLY about HOW to protect and exploit rights. I do realize that the legal systems and its defenders of the wronged replace open bloodshed of hence, but it is also a system eating away at the very necessary core of humanity: the ability to share information in order to deal with circumstance. And even if original thought does exist in more cases than simple ideal, the legal ownership of all patents and inventions and techniques and content and logos and brands and so on are building up to a Globe being darkened by long and short black border lines criss-crossing in every which direction to encompass and stifle the whole by preventing trespass without toll. 

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PENicaragua tvunget til at nedlægge sig selv

PEN er en international organisation, som arbejder for at beskytte journalister og forfattere, ikke mindst i dikaturer og antidemokratiske regimer.

I Nicaragua gør en ny lov automatisk aktivister i organisationer med internationalt værdigrundlag til “udenlandske agenter”, der frit kan afhøres, forfølges og få deres bankkonti spærrede. Continue reading “PENicaragua tvunget til at nedlægge sig selv”

Tove på engelsk – book of the month

– says the happy reader

1. ‘People turn strange from reading. Everything written in books is a lie.’ Welcome to February. Our Book of the Month is Childhood, Youth, Dependency by Danish writer Tove Ditlevsen. Her life, as these memoirs attest, contained much in the way of genius and pain. She was described as ‘the Billie Holiday of poetry’. That quote is from her mother.

2. Childhood, Youth, Dependency is the title of the combined English edition of Ditlevsen’s memoirs. They also often go by The Copenhagen Trilogy but there’s something unsettlingly dry, yet compelling, about the three-word version; like the title of a brochure at the doctor’s surgery. The original Danish title of the third book is Gift, which adds a whole other layer of revelation, meaning both ‘marriage’ and ‘poison’.

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Quora Q/A: Var det svært at gå fra papir til computer-keyboard og skærm?

paper and pen/pencil/ball pen/ink/chalk/burned matches/coffee/blood – notebooks, notepads, free postcards residing in my jacket inner pocket, post-its, newspaper margins, “ANY piece of paper, please!” or “anyone got a PEN!?”

typewriter, manual – manual press, which took some INSISTING – there was one in particular, a Groma, which only wrote “gold” (still have it, afraid of using it, for fear of jinxing it…), and manual use of correction paper or fluid “paperwhite” to “delete” errors.

Svaret på engelsk: As an author, if you started writing on paper, was the transition to computer keyboard and screen difficult? – Quora

Dødens Oprindelse

og dermed livets

‎”Every creature alive on the earth today represents an unbroken line of life that stretches back to the first primitive organism to appear on this planet; and that is about three billion years. That really is immortality. For if that line of life had ever broken, how could we be here?”

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#roic [2012 updt.]

How a common cold can take you wonderful places

this is pretty much the last chance to tell the world not to use images on the net as springboards for links. Do not reverse-optimize image-connections. This is a message specifically recorded on this blog for the passing-by-future traveller with guts and a conscience, and a desire to affect big changes (even though they will never let you, but this will help): Now is your chance.

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Slut på et samlet EU?

Den hollandske forfatter David VAN REYBROUCK fremlægger en statsmodel, der giver tilfældigt udvalgte borgere ansvar for anbefalinger inden for EU på tværs af parti- og-alle-mulige-andre-skel

I et åbent brev til præsidenten for Europakommissionen, Jean-Clause Juncker, foreslår den hollandske forfatter David VAN REYBROUCK en anden vej til fælles Europa end den gamle model med at lade folk stemme hvert 4-5 år. han mener, at vi kun har indtil Brexit at vågne op, fordi vi risikerer at den europæiske venstredrejning – der giver stemme til en gammel, indestængt vrede forårsaget af flertalsdiktur [også kaldet demokratur] – forårsager en splittelse af Europa.

Artiklen er skrevet lige efter valget af Donald Trump til præsident for USA, og der er derfor måske kun 10 måneder tilbage til at handle i.