Min novelle “Sortskørt” er nomineret til Niels Klim Prisen 2019, Hep!

Niels Klim-prisen 2018, nomineringerne

Og så skrev jeg det på Facebook og fik 140 likes og 35 lykønskninger. “Tillykke med en prisnominering”.

Det føles mærkeligt – ingen har stemt endnu og ingen har vundet endnu. Og de fleste af dem læser næppe science fiction. De vil mig det bare godt.


Læs SORTSKØRT hér, så længe linket er aktivt.

Hvis du vil stemme på mig, eller på en anden, skal du oprette dig i systemet. Læs videre “Min novelle “Sortskørt” er nomineret til Niels Klim Prisen 2019, Hep!”

One Voice Less

A very very loong list of scifi and fantasy in development (2018).

(Almost) Every Sci-Fi/Fantasy and Comic Book Adaptation in the Works

For some, probably the dream of imaginings – for others, maybe part of the problem, but here is a 2018 list of  planned scifi and fantasy series and films dreamed of. And WHAT a list!

Sure, there’s a market and investors and actors and an industry needing the work – and many series and movies are becoming less sexist and open to identification on a human level, which is a relief – but it’s hard not to see this collective drive as one long Creative Scream for another world. A manageable world. With comprehensible endings and right beginnings. With coherent reality. With identifiable villains. With heroes of human strengths and weaknesses. Just something other than this mess of an Earth, which many are seeing at present.

Reading all of the – yes – phantastic synopsises makes me pine for something else, too. Something beyond the escape of controllable reality.

It makes me feel like quitting writing, myself. What’s the use? Allegorical stories of desperation and resolution amount to nothing. Stories of personal empowerment in a predominantly American religiously, sexually repressed society with a focus on personal wealth, the right to kill, “getting there first” etc. Headache pills for me, for readers, to take attention away from the real pain: That life is becoming less manageable for the species. That maybe we are losing the game of civilisation – like the fabled lemmings going uncontrollable towards the edge of the petri dish that is the edge of Earth sustainability.

Dilemma: Not following news, literature, cinema, podcasts, theatre, ballet, sculpture, pictorial art, performance artists, global watch, refugees, poverty… is one less voice added to the collective of voices that realise each others’ existence. One Voice Less is a smaller Earth and one more hand to the military-industrial complex, un-controlled capitalism, un-leashed research and pollution of earth and water and air.

How be at ease, knowing the forces that move?
How be at peace, not knowing?

I know no other solution than to focus on what *I* can most easily understand: My own culture, the pitfalls of my own language and norms, the possible convergences of global destiny as contributed to from the sweet spot of “home”. While avoiding all cultural offerings NOT aiding a global solution. NO MORE avenging lone wolfs. NO MORE gun love. NO MORE violence is the answer. NO MORE single country representing the whole world.

EVERYTHING happens to all. There is ALWAYS another take on things – even if it outside of the frame of the story and the camera. Because of people and curiosity.

But fuck, just saying this makes me tired.

My Science Fiction in print

Will I keep this updated?
Naturally I will keep this list updated. No one else does it for me!
And it’s a pleasure, once something is in print. 🙂

Afståelsens Veje (Avenues of Riddance) – An inheritance forces the protagonist to choose between her always-on-always-now network and a future also containing the past.

as Avenues of Riddance in the anthology, Around the world in more than 80 SF stories, (epub, EN, 2017 Tyskland)

as Afståelsens Veje as ?? in the anthology Rund um die Welt in mehr als 80 SF-Geschichten, (paper, DE, 2016)

Den snublende klovn, den følgende nar (The stumbling clown, the following fool) – When simple survival is not enough.

in the magazine Himmelskibet #55, (2018, Fantastik.dk)

Dræbersneglen fra Venus (the Killer Snail from Venus) Læs videre “My Science Fiction in print”


Then it happened. I spent a lot of money. On a domain.

At least I think I did. It seems that dot film is reserved for people, who are part of a union of filmmakers and/or affiliated with a certain movie title.

I will argue, if it comes to that, that my time travel film list counts as a service to film lovers on both side of the fence, and as a service to all who take a specific interest in TT movies and TV series.

To this end I need help program the database:

  • I have a list of titles with separation markers, making it ready for import.
  • approx. 11 fields pr. post
  • dreaming of more fields (greater variety of search results)
  • A WP database?
  • timetravel.film is presently empty, but I will soon need to install a WP and import the list from its present location
  • I would like a line listing like the original, with movie posters and stills thrown in
  • window shade pop-down of posts containing an in-depth view of data not seen in the line-view, eg. a synopsis and screenshots
  • search results, based on keywords, with options similar to the line-view
  • easy expansion of database to accommodate more fields
  • easy administration of database
  • comments as window shade pop-down
  • stars given to different criteria of a movie

= data feels accessible as one layer, right there waiting for you; there is a lightness to search results, and time travel movies is one menu, while tt TV is another, but content can still be combined by choice

How can you help, if you are interested?



KRIGER. Problemstilling, konflikt og ro

Serieidé, 5 bøger. Vil du være med?

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 17.23.44Et ungt menneske, som ikke er harmonisk og perfekt, finder en tekst, der beskriver den harmoniske kriger. Ved at leve teksten, opdager han/hun hvad det vil sige selv at VÆRE en kriger i ro. Læs videre “KRIGER. Problemstilling, konflikt og ro”

Life Supporting Illusions

Technologification of mythology blurrs the line btw fact and fiction.

I am delving into the drama-mythos for the Stargate franchise SG-1, and came across two relevant inputs:

A master thesis by Sandra Whitelaw: “The Attraction of Sloppy Nonsense: Resolving Cognitive Estrangement in Stargate through the Technologising of Mythology

And an excerpt from a book on Kant by Predrag Cicovacki, as follow-up on the concept of “Necessary Illusions”: Læs videre “Life Supporting Illusions”


The series which belongs to the genre of science fiction is described as “a gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted” which was conceived by the showrunners “after a late night conversation about the ways technology simultaneously unites and divides us”.

Hvis man forestiller sig, at alle mennesker har noget til fælles: Trangen til at være sammen. I små og store grupper, men sammen.

Og man som instruktør og manuskriptforfatter spørger, hvad der kan opveje en gruppeeksklusion fra normalsamfundet.

Og svaret så lyder: Det skal være noget, som er Læs videre “Sense8 – SUPER-FORFØRENDE”

Omtale: KK, Tænke på silke under invasionen, Lige Under Overfladen 5 (2011)

A. Silvestri har overskud til at udvælge de bedste noveller fra årene 2010-2014

Den nye koloni, Lige under overfladen 5 (2011). Science Fiction Cirklen.
Kenneth Krabat: Tænke på silke under invasionen. Kenneth Krabat fremmaner i denne fortælling et meget troværdigt billede af et andet sted og en anden tid. Elementerne er en kvinde, der søger ly i en hule, både før og under invasionen. Hun har sit ridedyr/kæledyr med og en faldskærm lavet af nanosilke så hårdfør, at blot man rører det på den forkerte måde, skærer det ind til knoglen. Tilsammen giver disse ting en fantastisk historie, der bliver ved med at rumstere bagerst i knolden. Læs videre “Omtale: KK, Tænke på silke under invasionen, Lige Under Overfladen 5 (2011)”

Himmelskibet #37, 2013

Ny novelle i tryk.

Jeg bidrager med en novelle, Kastanjekuglen, og dertil er der noveller af Chris d’Amato og Rasmus Wichman. Samt anmeldelser, nekrologer og artikler.*

Himmelskibet, Magasinet for Fantastik, ér netop dét: En udtryks- og udgivelsesplatform for alt, der relaterer sig til den fantastiske genre af interesse for danske læsere, givet også med blik for og på, at danske og andennationalitets-læsere i denne genre ofte er selvhjulpne hvad angår nyheder. Læs videre “Himmelskibet #37, 2013”

Science Fiction: Lige Under Overfladen 7 og 8 – udgivelsesdatoer annonceret

Kan man tillade sig at håbe på en fremtid i Danmark?

Så er det dén tid igen, mange har ventet på. Denne gang ikke blot 15, men hele 32…

32 danske unge og ældre, ubeskrevne og erfarne science fiction-forfattere under samme tag. Læs videre “Science Fiction: Lige Under Overfladen 7 og 8 – udgivelsesdatoer annonceret”

Himmelskibet 35

Seneste nummer. Jeg bidrager med en sød sag.


  • Hva’ fan er sword and sorcery? – Af Klaus Æ. Mogensen
  • Urlaubscon und Meer – 1. del – reportage af Knud Larn
  • Siluspra – en fabel – novelle af Peter Ravn Rasmussen
  • Post-apokalypsen på amerikansk tv – artikel af Niels Gjerløff
  • Fremmed verden – novelle af Kenneth Krabat*

Læs videre “Himmelskibet 35”