time travel is SO not next year!

Hvad skal vi med tidsrejser længere? Vi skal lære andre ting nu, igen.

“time travel is SO not next year!”

I did a search for this, but nothing.

Just saying: Planes of existence is the next level:

Alternate realities, other dimensions, an infinite multiple of universes branching from free-will overdose to make room for every single one of any other potential full universe that anyone might think of, discarded at the drop of a hat. Planes of existence. Stacked on top of each other, each one their own universe, but each one having less and less need of understanding of its rules.

While time travel by acquaintance with logical and illogical paradoxes can teach us the basics of causality, planes of existence will teach us more about

– being real,
– and about returning to reality,
-and about the cost of distancing apart from the real world we are all fleeing from,
– and about honour taking part in the needs of the real world,
– and dishonour… if you want to stay at an upper plane, as you block your original from… what, waking up…? Continue reading “time travel is SO not next year!”

Kodi & TVaddons

We’’d like to start by thanking everyone who has made our community possible, last month our add-ons were accessed by over thirteen million unique visitors; this is truly an achievement we never thought possible. Over the past few years our userbase has grown substantially, however community participation is still quite low. We’’re an open source development community, and although we have so many users, our add-ons are really only maintained by a select few people.

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