Quora: Do you think there is a war between literary genres such as poetry vs. prose, etc.? If so, why?


Poetry: I kid you not! Hands off of my indentations!

Prose: Look! I’m not doing it, I’m not doing it! It was just to make it easier to read my sections!

Poetry: Section smecktions, you don’t touch. Indentations are for pauses and connection, not to please your dimwitted readers, who can’t even breathe and you can just keep sentences going, on and on and on and on and on…

Prose: I get you, I get you! But it was only for a couple of hundred years. Look, we’ve all done away with them now in digital prose!

Poetry: Only on the net. And only because your programmers are so dimwitted they know nothing and will conform to anything your “industry” tells them!

Prose: yes, yes, I know its still in printed books, or many of them. At least the old publishers understand the concept of ease of reading…

Poetry: So, your really mean this? Its not because of gluey fingers…?

Prose: No, really. I really believe ease of reading is a major contributor to my great success!

Poetry: Aha! There you go! Your audience is so dim-witted it cannot even understand, where a line ends, even if it has a full stop! Just give it back, you… you… moron you!

Prose: Don’t worry, it will soon be back to you, and then no one will read you self indulgent riddles of who speaks and point of view and all that shit. No, straight forward storytelling… that’s the thing!

Poetry: Poor prose. I know you believe you are right. But once you were advocating your endless and now accidentally breaking lines as a way to educate people, do you remember? No more. Now it’s just the accidental shedding of a few tropes and an hitherto un-contested cliché involving sexual preferences of some sordid kind and you are immediately elevated to stardom.

Prose: And then what? At least I have readers!

Poetry: Yes, you have many. But of which quality?

Prose: Quality readers? Are you quietly insane?

etc etc etc


Kim Stanley Robinson på Bloom Festival i Søndermarken, Kbh. 28.5.22

– There IS no Planet B


BLOOM FESTIVAL er en efterhånden mangeårig fritænker- og planetpasser-tradition, der udspiller sig i Søndermarken, en have i København på hele Valby Bakke.

Om arrangementet siger BLOOM:

Science fiction er vor tids realisme. For hvordan ser planetens fremtid ud, og hvordan kan science fiction hjælpe os med at gentænke natur, økologi og klima?

Den verdensberømte science fiction-forfatter Kim Stanley Robinson fortæller om sit forfatterskab.” 

[ Og ikke mindst Ministry For The Future, som da for pokker snart må blive oversat til dansk. ]

Scene: Summer

Lørdag 28.05, 15.30-16.15




The MBTI type as a criminal


QUORA: What kind of criminal would each MBTI be?

For purposes of character creation for prose I summed up all of the opinions proposed in the above Quora string. Not “the truths” about people, but rather displaying aspects of the dark side of any character.


Campaigns against someone/something and get people to rebel. Then runs to ENTJ asking if they’re interested in leading the rebellion
ENFJ A cult leader, who collects donations from his/her followers and dashes out of the country or state with the proceeds. Also known as “cult & dash”.
ENFJ Convincing cult leader, who persuades you to join their cult and then after building up a large group of followers tries to get you to take over the government.
ENFJ Cult leader
ENFJ Cult leader
ENFJ Cult leader or corrupt politician.
ENFJ Cult leader, quack doctor, corrupt politician
ENFJ Dog fighter
ENFJ Honey-trapping high profile figures for money or power.
ENFJ Manipulation of public
ENFJ Manipulation of the public could be very easy for them. And politics are all about manipulation nowadays, so…
ENFJ Modern day Robin Hood, steals from the rich and gives to the poor.
ENFJ Poisoner nurse
ENFJ Political corruption/deceit
ENFJ Specialist in government takedown. Let’s say a non-democratic cause caught their heart, and now they are mobilizing their skills as a planner, people connecter, and leader to pull the rug right out from under the unfortunate democracy.
ENFJ If in organized crime and gangs, will brutally torture and murder anyone, who touches their family.


An undercover spy for a foreign government or corporation; excellent actors.
ENFP Conman with an intrinsic ability to talk their way out of any situation and though they’re not very careful with suspicion, they evade it through their excellent blagging skills.
ENFP Convincing car dealer, who smooth talks you into paying him 200,000 and then disappears without a trace.
ENFP Drug Dealer
ENFP Public nuisance (thought they seem too polite for such)
ENFP Pickpocket
ENFP Posing as a clown and scaring people
ENFP Probably in jail for beating somebody up for abusing nature or animals.
ENFP Public Nuisance
ENFP Sells drugs masked as ice cream. Coco flavored ice cream isn’t actually coconut flavored, but cocaine flavored. Coconut shavings are added to throw off the police.
ENFP If in organized crime and gangs, then sleazy or sickly sweet right-hand, who is secretely working with the police.
ENFP That really friendly person, who strikes up a conversation at Starbucks, puts you at your ease, then steals your wallet.
ENFP Theft (saw something pretty)
ENFP Their crime annoys ENTJ and ENFJ by messing up their schedule, jumping from topic to topic, and spontaneously taking everyone out for dinner, when there’s the most work to get done. Therefore ENTJ decides to hire INTJ…
ENFP Traitor. Paparazzi. Defamer. Hate crimes.
ENFP Excellent spies because of adaptability, get people to quickly lower their guard. ENFP have the uncanny ability to appear like a very harmless person. We don’t tell much, and if we believe you’re on to us (and we’ll definitely know LOL), we can convince you that you’re mistaken


Commands an organization to destroy enemies without trace left behind
ENTJ A mafia boss with an effortlessly penetrating gaze, feared by everyone under them, sitting comfortably at the top of their empire.
ENTJ Leader of a traitorous rebellion. They would utilize their unparalleled political, organizational, and practical skills to put into motion a sweeping plan that turns the tables on the infrastructure they had used for so long.
ENTJ Mafia Boss
ENTJ Mafia boss with political connections. Secretly running the world.
ENTJ Mafia boss, warlord/war criminal, tax evasion corrupt business tycoon or dictator.
ENTJ Mafia boss. Head of organized crime. War criminal.
ENTJ Mafia leader, crime leader
ENTJ Military leader / mafia boss / murderer
ENTJ Pirate
ENTJ Power corrupts and all that. ENTJs are very often leaders, mighty ones (proud too), and they might take pleasure in punishing an enemy.
ENTJ If in organized crime and gangs, then the charming and charismatic robber, who organizes everything and ends up setting everyone else up, so that they could take all the money.
ENTJ The mafia boss, of course, who rose to the top via hard work
ENTJ War crimes
ENTJ White Collar criminal, who is in charge of the White Collar criminal operation.
ENTJ When ISTJ embezzles government funds and tries to give it to ENTJ, ENTJ just turns him in, after accepting the money, of course.
ENTJ When ENFJ campaigns against someone/something and get people to rebel, they run to ENTJ asking, if they’re interested in leading the rebellion
ENTJ Annoyed with ENFP for messing up schedule through crime, jumping from topic to topic, and spontaneously taking everyone out for dinner, when there’s the most work to get done, ENTJ decides to hire INTJ to put an end to that…
ENTP A mastermind with no long term plans, planting bombs in unsuspecting places and taunting the authorities with cryptic clues. Playing their own little game for their own amusement.
ENTP Argues every little thing with ENTJ. However, his intelligence saves him from being assassinated by INTJ
ENTP Arsonist
ENTP Charity (fake or real) board members, who funnel the money into offshore bank accounts. If they can find a way to make it automated, even better. Travels every quarter or so to the country, where the bank account is located, to collect accordingly.
ENTP Crime contractor, conman
ENTP Hacker taking on bigger and bigger challenges, making money, while having the time of their life, bringing down a government or two, and ghosting around social media to make sure they get the recognition they deserve.
ENTP Druglord, terrorist mastermind or corrupt high paid lawyer.
ENTP Espionage
ENTP Will only plan for the short term and basically ‘troll’ for my own amusement, when I want to do something I shouldn’t. Not always the best way to be, but we just can’t help it.
ENTP Plagiarism / Murder
ENTP Spearheading a new massive criminal organization with his entrepreneurial initiative and becoming a billionaire druglord
ENTP Tax Evasion
ENTP Terrorist with no interest in monetary gain, uses neurotoxins developed by the INTP to murder thousands. Don’t really care if they get caught or not, but somehow can smooth talk their way out of prison.
ENTP Terrorist. Drug lord. Agitator.
ENTP If in organized crime and gangs, then the insane lowlife drug dealer who will shoot someone for merely glancing at their foot.
ENTP Espionage. Their suaveness would surely help them manipulate spies.
ENTP When ENTP wants to truly be destructive, and is in that way of thinking, they appear to look like INTJs, because that is ENTP’s shadow. But it’s more likely that we are too bored to go completely through with the plan, and get caught because of our boredom.


Serial killer, who poisons victims by giving them poison in the form of tasty food.
ESFJ Becomes an accessory after the fact, following a murderer, who threatens to kill their family, if they report to the police.
ESFJ Bullied someone to death
ESFJ Caregivers and Nurses, who get emotionally close to elderly people, then steal everything they know was intended for the elderly’s children.
ESFJ Defamation
ESFJ Defamation of character
ESFJ Flirting with everyone. Not too bad for a crime, huh?
ESFJ Kidnapper
ESFJ Mass murderer. Gets everyone together for a well-organized and well-provisioned evening, makes them all feel at home, then proceeds to kill them all with the secret ingredient in her irresistible cupcakes… nightshade.
ESFJ Slanderer. Libeller.
ESFJ If in organized crime and gangs, then the drug lord, who controls everything. Rarely leaves the house and lives a pretty typical family life. Loved by the neighbours.
ESFJ The owner of a store secretly laundering money
ESFJ Defamation. The gossips of our society
ESFJ Uses their people skills to learn secrets of prominent individuals and then sell their secrets to the highest bidder.


A promiscuous person, who can always blackmail someone for a favor, when they need to, picking up luxury goods from the black market for little more than a song… or a kiss.
ESFP Will choke/punch/physically attack someone during a fight or heated argument
ESFP Crimes of passion (“I HATE YOU!” *takes a knife and kills someone on impulse*)
ESFP Crimes of passion
ESFP Drive-by shooter
ESFP Human Trafficking
ESFP Illegal prositution, sex crimes
ESFP If in organized crime and gangs, then pickpocket or burglar.
ESFP Prostitute
ESFP Public disorderliness / Theft / Arson
ESFP Runs a high-school drug ring. Snorts cocaine daily. Somehow managed to get the whole school dependent on his drugs through his unrivaled convincing skills.
ESFP Salesperson and hustler of illegal drugs.
ESFP Small time drug-runner, gets high on their supply.
ESFP Seductive assassin, who woos high profile individuals, before killing them with a flirty smile (or they’re basically like Catwoman.)
ESFP Prostitute


Bully. Thug. Pimp. Slave trader. Bank robberer. Tax evader.
ESTJ Child and wife abuser. Animal abuser. Enslaves children and prostitutes. Pimp.
ESTJ Corrupt executive officers; those insane religious authority figures (like church officials, who burned witches and cats during the witch hunts), and domestic abuse.
ESTJ Corrupt politician
ESTJ Domestic abuser
ESTJ Head of a covert CIA operation to murder thousands of innocents. Obeys commands simply because it’s their duty.
ESTJ Head of an illicit operations, unit in the government.
ESTJ Tax evasion schemes – even if they seem so orderly and organized
ESTJ Military War Crime initiator and excessive torture of the enemy. Similar, if we’re talking organized crime and gangs.
ESTJ Psychopathic Murderer
ESTJ Punish someone so harshly they become traumatized
ESTJ Running a mafia like a well oiled machine with everyone from the police force to the lady next door in their pocket, with perfectly organized manila folders on them all.
ESTJ Scammer
ESTJ Tax evasion
ESTJ If in organized crime and gangs, then the crime lord, who really wants to be a businessman, but is way too violent and unsophisticated. Burps on his first real business meeting. Gets into a physical fight on his way home.
ESTJ Would do anything wrong to achieve a goal.


Con Artist. Works with Russian criminals to become President of the United States and gets away with it.
ESTP Confidence man / Fraud
ESTP Conman. Charlatan. Fraudster. Embezzler. White collar criminal.
ESTP Corrupt political figure. Lets the ENTJ’s mafia ring take over the country so long as they employ him.
ESTP Drug abuse
ESTP If in organized crime and gangs, then drug dealer from a rough neighbourhoud. The person, who can be really goofy and funny, until someone decides to start a fight.
ESTP Fraud & ‘White Collar Crime’. Money triggers a switch turning us into charming kleptomaniacs. We’re the predators & the wealthy are our prey. Al Capone is a good example
ESTP Hitmen, as their nature is living the moment.
ESTP Loan shark, conman or underground fight club ringleader.
ESTP Master manipulator, who creates a pyramid scheme or intricate boiler room scam
ESTP Murders and does crime for the sake of it, rapist
ESTP Runs an underground fight club, uses their excellent marketing abilities to draw in more and more people and profits through a betting business. Sometimes partakes in the fights.
ESTP The heist guy, who leads his team with a combination of high-stakes risks and impromptu cleverness to steal from the biggest and the baddest… or whichever’s easier.
ESTP King. The type ENTJ and ENFJ are against. ESTP’s biggest crime is being an annoyingly extroverted and unconventional king
ESTP Train Hopper
ESTP Murderer


A freedom fighter rebelling against an unjust system, using unearthly methods they infiltrate areas of the government, integrate themselves into it and gain everyone’s trust, only to spin secrets and lies in an effort to turn everyone against each other. Succeeds.
INFJ Analyzes people’s behaviors and report to ENTJ and ENFJ: who are really loyal, who are lukewarm and who are the spies
INFJ Angel-maker, poisoner nurse, insurgent
INFJ Cannibal
INFJ Cult leader like ENFJ, but with foresight ten times more terrifying.
INFJ Cult leader, who caused everybody to commit suicide / Genocide causer
INFJ Forgery
INFJ Hitler or Stalin. Rules an autocracy regime that is hell-bent on ruling the world.
INFJ Hitler, manipulated thousands of law-abiding people to serve his corrupt ideals.
INFJ Identity thief, especially skilled at impersonating someone else.
INFJ Illegal cult leader, terrorist leader
INFJ If in organized crime and gangs: kinda just ended up there and deep down only wants to get a decent job.
INFJ more like “false prophet”
INFJ Propaganda
INFJ Thanos. They’ve got a self-sacrificing idea for the betterment of humankind deep in their mind, built whole frameworks of plans and strategies around it, and inspired a select, but elite few to implement their solution. It’s scarily accurate, if you think about it.
INFJ the Martin Luther King Jrs of this world.
INFJ the most dangerous. We are the Hitlers and Bin Ladens who will annihilate a whole population for our vision and beliefs
INFJ The poison part is true, but I don’t think only targeting elder people. Interesting theory though
INFJ Too gentle & kind to do crimes.
INFJ TV Prosperity Gospel Preachers who skim off more money than they should from viewer and member donations.
INFJ we need only look at certain historical figures to see the truth behind this one.


Killer solely motivated by vengeance, erasing all those that have wronged them.
INFP A normal citizen, who was fed up with the bureaucracy, so he went on a psychotic murder spree.
INFP Advisor to ENTJ and ENFJ. INFP tells them how to behave to get people fired up and become loyal to the rebellion
INFP One of the least likely types to care about, what other people think of them (unless they care about those people first.) And they’re the most likely to believe strongly in making the world as they see it should be, rather than it is. That makes a good criminal character if the conditions are met.
INFP Arson
INFP Can be unstoppable criminals, especially if they believe they’re doing it for a “good” cause.
INFP Catfisher who convinces someone from another country in a well written & articulated fashion that they have a valuable service or good. Once the victim has been sold on the phony proposition via the internet, they convince the victim to wire them a large sum of money that cannot be traced by authorities.
INFP Civil Disobedience / Political Assassination
INFP Devoted idealists, religious crimes.
INFP Have a more brutal, and physical way of thinking on those that I despise. While you think of artillery and indirect assassination, I think of the worst possible imaginable ways to physically and brutally torture someone. If not torture, then a gruesome murder. I don’t usually get this infuriated, but when I do, you bet I’ve fantasized about killing that certain someone atleast a dozen times over in my head in the most grizzly way possible. It’s no wonder why they call us serial killers, or school shooters. Most of us do not go well with society, and their half-assed rules. I think the primary reason for this is because were mistreated and misunderstood a lot. This creates internal hatred and frustration towards the common folk.
INFP Never school shooters or mass murderers. Our type is clearly not understood. INFPs are guided by their morals and desire for peace. Even if it was for what we considered a good cause or revenge, we still wouldn’t kill anyone (probably not even hurt them). The only crime I can imagine an INFP committing is trespassing on private property or something simply because they were curious or thought they saw a unicorn or something. I don’t want to list crimes for the other ones, because I feel like I’d accidentally misunderstand them and put the wrong crime (like people have been doing for INFP). I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so I’ll just type my own.
INFP Religious crimes
INFP School Shooter
INFP School shooter, crime for revenge
INFP Serial killer.
INFP Serial killer. Someone whose heart has been broken one too many times, whose deep capacity for emotional pain leads them to kill anyone, who is experiencing the love they are denied. Sorry. That last one was a little dark.
INFP Slanderer. Libeller.
INFP Terrorist/suicide bomber acting on misguided principles. On a lesser note, a school shooter.
INFP The killings take place only in their heads, yet they mysteriously outlive their foes. They follow Sun Tzu’s motto; “If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”
INFP Too gentle & kind to do crimes.
INFP If in organized crime and gangs, then troubled but cute drug dealer.
INFP Two kinds: those, who embrace their innocence and those, who embrace their dark side. Most of the ones with a dark side still won’t commit any crimes anyway, but we usually know how to do it well anyway. There are some loose cannons though. These dark INFPs will do anything as long as they get some sort of justice (it’s usually justice and not revenge) and can be classified under vigilantes often.
INFP the vigilante taking the law into his/her own hands. Like Robin Hood and Batman.


Assassin, Mastermind Bank Robber, Black Hat Hacker
INTJ Assassin. Consigliere. Murderer.
INTJ Criminal mastermind
INTJ Criminal mastermind (like Moriarty from Sherlock).
INTJ Criminal mastermind serial killer, the kind who plots every detail of the crime and then executing it perfectly and getting away unnoticed.
INTJ Espionage agent / terrorist boss
INTJ Criminal mastermind. Imagine them in their spooky lair with a cat.
INTJ Mastermind. They plan a world takeover in detail, but are masters of carpe diem, seizing their chances with calculated foresight. The world is in their grasp… unless they find an annoyingly incorrect Quora answer that really needs to be sorted out. Right now.
INTJ Mastermind
INTJ Mastermind of a highly calculated and planned drug ring, which is hidden by laundering money through mom & pop shops.
INTJ Mob Boss or similar
INTJ Will murder ENFP for ENTJ, for a handsome price. And rumor has it they still don’t know what happened to the ENFP. Then becomes ENTJ’s right hand and ENFJ’s lover
INTJ Terrorist mastermind, plots everything perfectly and always leaves taunting clues behind.
INTJ The mastermind behind a string of intricately planned heists that always leaves authorities scratching their heads in bewilderment.
INTJ If in organized crime and gangs, then the silent, but surprisingly cunning right-hand, who plans on usurping their boss.
INTJ When ENTJ becomes annoyed with ENFP for messing up criminal plan schedule, ENTJ hires INTJ to put an end to that…


Dissociate hacker with no motivation for profit, but only the passion for their profession. Ingesting the most clandestine information they can break into.
INTP Being condescending
INTP Cyber criminal
INTP Cyber-criminal
INTP Hacker
INTP Hacker
INTP Hacker and cyber criminal
INTP Hacker/cyber criminal. I have visions in my head for people that I despise that I would like to do to them. For example, schedule a bombing just as targetted person is driving home from work, a bombing on the target’s house. I’ll have the family of that person in the house (except for any dog or cat) and make the house explode just as the target is about to pull in the driveway (target must come out physically unharmed to be successful). But maybe that’s just my inner psycho talking. Also committing petty thefts, stealing the batteries of the remote to never be returned.
INTP Hackers hired by corporations and foreign governments to meddle in other country elections.
INTP I once tried to explain my reluctance to arm myself by pointing out some more horrific ways I could do away with someone with items from a supermarket or auto parts store. The armed neighbor backed away — slowly. I was shooting steel ball bearings into my bedroom wall with a junkyard sourced electromagnetic launcher when I was ~11. It lacked but one more coil to come out the other side…
INTP Information liberalist / Political Assassination
INTP Mad scientist who creates biological or technological weapons for ENTJ or INTJ. Or they’re the hacker.
INTP Mad scientist. Innocent of any wrongdoing but isolated in the lab and unaware of the purposes to which our inventions are being put.
INTP Serial thief. The bigger the challenge the more they will love it, using their knowledge of people, tech, and intricate security systems to bring down the house. Barely notice the money, though. All they want is the next puzzle.
INTP Snowden-type things, revealing the truth
INTP If in organized crime and gangs, then the former socially awkward but kind middle-class law-abiding citizen, who was forced to turn to the criminal lifestyle after losing their job, robbing a bank, being caught and convicted, and finally getting an unhealthy amount of connections in prison.
INTP Unethical scientist, testing dangerous illegal substances on humans for their own amusement.
INTP Develops neurotoxins to murder thousands for others to use.


Being too nice to fight… ends up leading the medical team
ISFJ If in organized crime and gangs, then calm and collected, until someone who they love get hurt due to their lifestyle. Also the only one who refuses to admit that the ENFP is a snitch, because they deep down hate seeing people get hurt.
ISFJ Convicted for killing someone in self-defense
ISFJ Hate crime
ISFJ Jaywalker
ISFJ Kidnapping
ISFJ Runs a private doctors practice exclusive to criminals, who want treatment with no involvement from the police.
ISFJ Serial mail order bride, who marries vulnerable men and then runs away with their money.
ISFJ The Accomplice. Arguably the most compliant, reliable, & trustworthy MBTI type, so they are great accomplices for many of these crimes.
ISFJ Wife of a mafia boss, steals from shops
ISFJ Got thrown in prison for defending their loved ones by resorting to crimes to protect them.
ISFJ Thief
ISFJ Too gentle and law-abiding to be a criminal
ISFJ Turns to vigilante justice after their family is murdered and goes slightly overkill on the killing process. Gets a taste for blood and continues.
ISFJ The stereotype of them being obsessed with their obsessions. I can see how they might take it a bit too far and do something drastic.
ISFJ Turns vigilante, because they think the people in power are doing nothing to right the wrong (especially if the crime in question pushes their moral hot buttons.)


An artist, who paints a picture and gets their ENFJ friend or significant other to convince wealthy patrons at an art show that the picture is worth millions of dollars.
ISFP Any victimless crimes.
ISFP Caught with illegal drugs (LSD) / Theft
ISFP Copies other peoples art, then sells it pretending to be them for an exorbitant price.
ISFP Crimes to support family
ISFP Crude Graffiti Artist (graffitis cars and maybe people lol)
ISFP Seems too gentle to carry a crime
ISFP Draw humiliating pictures or create humiliating lyrics about the person they’re campaigning against
ISFP Drug abuse
ISFP Elite graffiti artist, painting their messages in high visibility areas like the White House and United Nations. Highly illegal, but kind of cool.
ISFP The accidental criminal. Forgets to pay at the local shop and is subsequently charged for shoplifting.
ISFP If in organized crime and gangs, then the chill drug dealer, who smokes their own weed all the time.
ISFP Would like non-hallucinogenic drugs like marijuana in some cases
ISFP Too sweet to commit a crime.
ISFP Vandalism


Amazing Accountant who has the ability to “cooks the books” for any business.
ISTJ Assassination
ISTJ If in organized crime and gangs, the the corrupt policeman, who steals drugs from drug dealers after arresting them.
ISTJ Embezzlement or assassin.
ISTJ Embezzles government funds. Tries to give it to the ENTJ, but the ENTJ just turns him in, after accepting the money of course.
ISTJ Family violence. Abuser of authority.
ISTJ Military and police. Also other Government Agency and NGOs.
ISTJ Gang Leader
ISTJ Gifted accountant of a mafia organisation.
ISTJ Henchman
ISTJ Publish blames, lies, and blasphemies against someone. And pretty persuasive, too. Maybe they work for the ENFJ to campaign against that poor person.
ISTJ Second hand man of the crime boss, corrupted authority figure
ISTJ Tax Evader
ISTJ Assination. The deadpan snarker? Sure, why not?
ISTJ Too law-abiding to carry out a crime
ISTJ Criminal? These guys? I think not. They might get arrested for screaming at a kid for leaving gum on the sidewalk, but that’s probably as far as it goes.


Arms Dealer/Manufacturerer
ISTP Assassin
ISTP Assassin or has a job simillar to INTP.
ISTP Assassin, murders for money, steals, secret Russian spy
ISTP If in organized crime and gangs, then cold hitman who has seen some shit. Used to be filled with strong emotions, mostly anger, but has been turned stoic. Has been in at least 20 physical fights.
ISTP Creating a machine that’s so powerful it can destroy a nation in minutes. Then end up mastering all weapons and become the best rebel there is
ISTP Hitman / Speeding
ISTP Hitman. Shoplifter. Burglar. Thief
ISTP James Bond. Secret agent. Very agile with great fighting skills, can shoot with great aim and drift Ferraris.
ISTP Lone assassin with a deathwish. Gets in high-speed car chases every week, conducts their business up-close and personal with no desire to be careful.
ISTP Maybe car thief, because which ISTP wouldn’t want both the thrill of stealing a car and police chase afterward, free of charge? Cars, adrenaline, and rule breaking. You can’t lose.
ISTP Mechanics, Electricians, Contractors, etc. who significantly overcharge for mechanical, technical, and construction services to poor, old ladies.
ISTP Professional thieving (not run of the mill bank robbers like in cartoons)
ISTP Sort of like James Bond only bad. Causes mayhem, crashes cars, shoots innocents, explodes government facilities, ETC.
ISTP Stealing


huden på de kanter


– jeget rundet af København, den lille storby, også tvangsfornyet udgjort af områder der aldrig taler sammen, alligevel kæmper for maksimal ønskværdighed, alternativt viger for invasionen af politisk korrekthed, for indsprøjtningerne af nye familiers énsartede overskud,
i byen penge,
i sindets fremtid,
i stræben mod lyset, bort fra gloseficering af mørket,
der stræbes mod et landskab af cementopfyldte kælderlokaler,
der stræbes fra politisk lavtliggende øer i verdenshavet, mod fremtiden fortsat temporær og nutiden mål for al nødvendighed

– jeget går under i morgen, jeget og byen har en ny ham i morgen, huden i går kastet for at udholde at leve for løgnene fantasierne fortielserne om hvad alting var og hvorfor ikke, resultaterne synlige, jeget dagligt genfødt, arbejderfamiliens sommerhus solgt, aftægten realiseret, familien kortvarende nyrig, penge varmer ikke, men de er rare at have,
var dét dét?!

– jeget går og kommer tilbage, går og kommer igen,
jeget går og returnerer indskuddet, går og går ikke, byen ud af manden går ikke, manden ud af byen nej den grønne natur ér kun så grøn som hjernen der ser,
kun så smuk,
kun så skøn, fantastisk, jeget rundet af alting uset, manglen på historie og af pengenes natur, dagens nødvendighed held og lykke! nabolagets tæft og hæfte, lim og lys, vi er Havnen hér,
VI’et er Havnen,
OS’et er Havnen hver for sig, dér hvor livet begynder, hvor alt hører op,
blindheden dén begynder 2 gader væk, selv ikke skolen kan lave om på dét, siden kvarteret kortvarigt vækstet af gadens unge sammen, alle voksne fortsat buret inde, pendlerzonen har udgang fredag aften til søndag nat, drømmene veksles til længsler når TV’et slukkes, intet findes virkeligt,
alt er alt

– eller også findes intet.

– Østerbro,

Verdens KEDELIGSTE godnathistorie

kapitel 1

der er den historie om mig, der ser ind i spejlet, og ser mig derinde se mig se på mig, der ser på mig, der ser på mig der ser på mig inde i spejlet, der ser på mig der ser på mig inde i spejlet der ser på mig der ser på mig der ser på mig der ser derinde i spejlet på mig, der ser på mig se på mig se på mig. 

kapitel 2

men jeg ser på mig inde i spejlet se på mig, der ser på mig se på mig der ser på mig inde i spejlet, SOM ser på mig der ser på mig se på mig se på mig se på mig se på mig se på mig se på mig, der ser på mig se på mig, der ser på mig se på mig der ser på mig se på mig, der ser, ser jeg på mig, der ser på mig se på mig.

Kapitel 3

begge ser vi på hinanden se på på hinanden se på hinanden se på hinanden se på hinanden se på hinanden, der ser på hinanden se på hinanden, mens vi ser på hinandens øjne på den andens blik på vores fremtonings nedstirren af den andens kølighed på vores myndige fastholdelse af den andens blik og fremtoning.

Kapitel 4

og så vendte en af os sig væk og den anden gjorde sikkert det samme, og så ventede vi på, hvem der først gav sig, og har en af os ikke givet sig, så står vi der endnu. Snip snap filli kageklap.

Bombens Bagside, science fiction, antaget solo

Hvad er der OGSÅ i den ueksploderede mappe?

Midt i redigeringen af Bombens Bagside, én blandt en lang række science fiction noveller, som foreløbig Poetisk Bureaus Forlag har lagt billet ind på, blev den modtaget til udgivelse via DAST.nu, et svensk magasin for populærkultur, som har udgivet siden 1969, nu ikke længere på papir – med anerkendelsen “Vi brukar inte publicera texter på andra språk än svenska, men jag tror vi gör ett undantag här som dansk läsövning.” – hvilket naturligvis glæder mig helt vildt. 

Samtidig er det svært at være så produktiv, som jeg gerne vil. Jeg er i gang med den tredje. Og indtil videre har færdigredigeringen af de uudgivne – med tænke- og skrivetid og de forstyrrelser i hverdagen, som uværgelig forhindrer skrift, hvis man ikke tager væk – hvilket under Corona ikke har været muligt – endt med at fordre mindst 1 uge pr. stk. Hvilket alene til de uudgivne vil fordre mindst 3 måneder endnu.

Øj, jeg er altså ikke 30 længere. Og min tålmodighed river og flår i mig – for at komme steder hen, jeg ikke før har været. Frem for alle disse gentagelser af alt jeg HAR været og gjort!! Der MÅ være en ny verden derude et sted, uberørt af ord!

mine udgivne science fiction-fortællinger

STORYTYMES The Shaman of Unreality: The balancing apprentice

Do It Yourself


  • 1 shaman apprentice narrowly escaped death of apprentice trial designed to kill
  • 1 lazy dove
  • 2 spiders in a hole
  • 1 world portal
  • 1 army of gigantic proportions is reported
  • 1 bicycle
  • 1 lost love
  • 1 mountain
  • 1 fox with two tails
  • 1 snake with one tongue
  • sheep up a tree
  • a lot of persuasion going unrewarded
  • 1 normal person with lots of power
  • many other persons claiming they are normal, but not in that way
  • 1 grandmother (seemingly) without baking (or any other social) skills
  • great emotions, distinct feelings
  • great fear, no angst
  • long and hard speculations about the no angst
  • 1 minister who cannot fly
  • 1 who can
  • 1 expecting brown bear
  • 1 tricycle
  • 1 happy ending for some
  • several unhappy endings for others

Skriv en science fiction-roman inden 1/5 2016

Førstepræmien er 10.000 kr. samt udgivelse af romanen.


Science Fiction Cirklen mener, at der skrives alt for få science fiction-romaner på dansk.

SFC inviterer derfor til en romankonkurrence, hvor førstepræmien er 10.000 kr. samt udgivelse af romanen.

Skriv en science fiction-roman.


Om det er Spaceopera, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Alternate History, Tidsrejse, Near Future, Multiverse, (indsæt flere selv) eller noget helt nyt, er underordnet. Det vigtige er, at det tydeligvis er science fiction og at manus henvender sig til voksne læsere.

Hvis din science fiction-roman vinder konkurrencens, får du:

  • En præmie på 10.000 kr.
  • En forlagskontrakt med Science Fiction Cirklen om udgivelse af romanen.
  • 10 frieksemplarer

Dommerpanelet består af SFCs bogredaktør Carl-Eddy Skovgaard og et af ham udvalgt dommerpanel.

Reglerne for deltagelse i konkurrencen: Continue reading “Skriv en science fiction-roman inden 1/5 2016”