Hands on a wall

– Cueva de las Manos, Patagonia


A young doctor friend of mine is cycling around Patagonia. 2 months of cycling in diverse landscapes, from difficult to very challenging.

He came across the Caves of Hands, where people over several periods 7000  years ago depicted their hands on cave walls. He was quite struck by it, as he recorded his experience in his tent out in the Patagonian wilderness.

What is this thing with the hand, he speculated.

The following flowed out of me:

Most people don’t understand the abstract, and will satisfy themselves with the concrete level of acknowledgement of their existence: The people around them, family and those recognised as tribe and under the same rules as themselves. Before what we call consciousness some people left their marks on the world around them on a symbolic level. People, whom this made sense to, were probably the tribes’ shamans.

A handprint on a cave wall could have a spontaneous mark, but the subsequent marks both acknowledged those gone before, “the forbearers”, and the value in making their own mark to those following in the same position as themselves: Belonging to a very small group of people, who understand the value of time – in a conscious or instinctive way. Who sees a handprint as both real and symbolic. Who sees the world both as real and symbolic. That everything can MEAN something – everything can have a value – and not just the value ascribed to it through need or use – but an inherent value. An immanent value. Something inside the thing, the event, the ritual, the process.

From this approach to reality language grows, and from language, greater consciousness and wider naming of things. And with this, the abstract world of ideas growing INTO normal human beings, filling them with a larger world, a world where ideas can come alive, where ideas can exist as entities, become matter and action. And begin to grow into justice and catering to individuals, which in turn begin to regard themselves as valuable and their personal ideas worth fighting for, growing into systems of belief – politics, forbearer worship, deities, aesthetics, respect of life, humility as value, violence as value, purity as value.

The hand (on the grotto wall) is probably the most powerful sign of humanity – the finding of roots, the drying, the grinding, the mixing, the painting of a colour, most often red, the hand on the wall, I am here, I was here, here were humans, history is a memory of humans, humans die, but leave traces of themselves. Humans matter.

441,449 Satellitter i lavt omløb

– i drift, godkendte og foreslåede


17,270 satellitter allerede godkendt i USA

Ansøgninger om 65,912 satelliter i USA

16,055 satellites planlagt af USA og andre nationer

Rhwanda, som ønsker at katapultere Afrika ind i den moderne kommunikationsverden, har alene en ansøgning om 327,320 satelliter i over 900 omløbsbaner/højder

Kilde: https://www.cellphonetaskforce.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/01/441449-Low-Earth-Orbit-Satellites.pdf

Ministry for the Future

– menneskelig fremtid eller jungleplanet?


Foranlediget af flg. artikel i Information i dag om en ny økonomisk linje på RUC, der udfordrer de velkendte  økonomiske modeller 


må jeg stærkt anbefale en bog, jeg lige har afsluttet: Continue reading “Ministry for the Future”

POC, People/Persons Of Concern

– Samos, 2021


Lige straks slutter 5 ugers ophold på Samos med en mængde praktiske opgaver – maling, flytte, pakke, afrense, reparation og meget andet. Med’EqualiTeam, en fransk læge-NGO som har været på Samos i 3 år, vælger nu at lukke deres praksis her pga. for få ankommende asylansøgere. For 2 uger siden blev en ny lejr med plads til 3000 indviet med taler fra nationale og internationale honoratiores, og med stor kritik, bl.a fra Amnesty og Læger Uden Grænser. Lejren er den første af 6 planlagte topsikrede ankomst- og udsendelseslejre på de græske øer til i alt 500 millioner EU-kroner.

Den nye lejr, der erstatter en længe totalt overfyldt militærforlægning og overflyden af mennesker ud på de nedenliggende bjergsider,  har pt. under 200 mennesker, en læge, som kan tage sig af medicinske opgaver i åbningstiden, 100 Frontex-militærpersoner og privatansatte sikkerhedsfolk, og Læger Uden Grænser har en ny praksis uden for lejren til straksbehandling og psykologisamtaler (selvom de ikke er helt sikre på, hvad opgaven egentlig er i dag). Med’EqualiTeam søger andre steder hen, hvor behovet er større. Måske Libanon – der i skrivende stund er uden strøm…! Continue reading “POC, People/Persons Of Concern”

Odense Lyrik, verdens lyrik

– lukkede scener, digte og digterne består


The logic to species advancement of PRISON.

Article 3(1) of Directive 2001/29/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 22 May 2001 on the harmonisation of certain aspects of copyright and related rights in the information society must be interpreted as meaning that the embedding, by means of the technique of framing, in a third party website page, of works that are protected by copyright and that are freely accessible to the public with the authorisation of the copyright holder on another website, where that embedding circumvents measures adopted or imposed by that copyright holder to provide protection from framing, constitutes a communication to the public within the meaning of that provision.

Source: https://torrentfreak.com/eu-high-court-embedding-protected-images-can-breach-copyright-law-210310/

This ruling closes a lot of doors between people.

It seems to me – increasingly – that what WAS about people wrongly monetising other people’s copyright, IS becoming SOLY about HOW to protect and exploit rights. I do realize that the legal systems and its defenders of the wronged replace open bloodshed of hence, but it is also a system eating away at the very necessary core of humanity: the ability to share information in order to deal with circumstance. And even if original thought does exist in more cases than simple ideal, the legal ownership of all patents and inventions and techniques and content and logos and brands and so on are building up to a Globe being darkened by long and short black border lines criss-crossing in every which direction to encompass and stifle the whole by preventing trespass without toll. 

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