Så, hvorfor er det fortsat forbudt?


The year is 1914. First year of World War I and the farmers who grew “cannabis” in exchange for American dollars… Keep this in mind and keep reading.

Industrial hemp is not just an agricultural plant.

It’s an antidote for oil and the dollar.


1. One hectare of hemp produces oxygen as much as 25 hectares of forest.

2. Again, one hectare of hemp can produce the same amount of paper as 4 hectares of trees.

3. While hemp can be turned into paper 8 times, a tree can be turned to paper 3 times.

4. Hemp grows in 4 months, tree in 20-50 years.

5. Cannabis is a real radiation trap.

6. Cannabis can be grown anywhere in the world and it needs very little water. Also, since it can keep insects away, it doesn’t need pesticides.

7. If textiles produced from hemp become generalized, the pesticide industry could disappear completely.

8. The first jeans were made of hemp; even the word “CANVAS” was the name hemp products get. Hemp is also an ideal plant for the production of ropes, laces, handbags, shoes and hats.

9. Reduces the effects of chemotherapy and radiation in the treatment of cannabis, AIDS and cancer; used for at least 250 diseases such as rheumatism, heart, epilepsy, asthma, stomach, insomnia, psychology and spinal stiffness.

10. The protein value of hemp seeds is very high, and the two fatty acids they contain are found nowhere else in nature.

11. Cannabis production is even cheaper than soy.

12. Animals that eat cannabis do not need hormone supplements.

13. All plastic products can be made from hemp, and hemp plastic is very easy to return to nature.

14. If a car body is made of hemp, it will be 10 times stronger than steel.

15. It can also be used for insulation of buildings; it is durable, cheap and flexible.

16. Soaps and cosmetics made from hemp do not pollute water, so they are completely environmentally friendly.

In America in 1918, for a century, its production was mandatory, and the farmers who did not produce were closed. But now the situation has turned upside down. FROM WHERE ?

  • B. R. Hurst owned newspapers, magazines and media in the United States in the 1900s. They had forests and produced paper. If paper was made of hemp, it could have lost millions.
  • Rockefeller was the richest man in the world. He was an oil company owner. Biofuel, hemp oil, was, of course, his biggest enemy.
  • Melon was one of the leading shareholders of the Dupont company and had a patent for the production of plastic from oil derivatives. And the cannabis industry has threatened its market.

Melon later became President Hoover’s finance minister. These big names decided at their meetings that cannabis is the enemy and they removed it. Through the media they have engraved marijuana into people’s brains as a poisonous drug, along with the word marijuana.

Cannabis drugs have been removed from the market, replaced with chemicals used today.

Forests are cut for paper production.

Plague poisoning and cancer are on the rise.

And then we fill our world with plastic waste, harmful waste.


Snowdon on US seeking dominance over journalists everywhere

– what a world this would be.


In seeking to prosecute Assange, the US government is purporting to extend its sovereignty to the global stage and hold foreign publishers accountable to US secrecy laws. By doing so, the US government will be establishing a precedent for prosecuting all news organization everywhere — all journalists in every country — who rely on classified documents to report on, for example, US war crimes, or the US drone program, or any other governmental or military or intelligence activity that the State Department, or the CIA, or the NSA, would rather keep locked away in the classified dark, far from public view, and even from Congressional oversight.

source: https://edwardsnowden.substack.com/p/assange01

Revisionisten Putin

– at lukke alle døre.

Putin wants to pass a new censorship law in Russia and he’s using my books as a justification to do so.

Well, uh, add that to the trophy case…

So, what did it? The profanity? No. My Russian publisher chose to leave the F-word out of both translated titles. Maybe the lewd humor? Maybe calling my readers “fuckface” and comparing them to a dog shitting on the carpet doesn’t go over well out east? Nope. Not that, either.

The censorship law was proposed because I dared to write frankly about the Soviet atrocities committed during and after World War II.

Source: Mindf*ck Monday #68: Putin Wants to Censor Me

At brænde broerne: Link tax, Linkskat, Linkbetaling, Linkafgift

Alle verdens nationer forstår billedet af den brændende bro.

I EU lægges op til at stemme om indførelse af en link-afgift til rettighedshaverne. Dette vil få uoprettelige konsekvenser for den personlige frihed, for kreativ tænkning, personlig, erhvervsmæssig og national fremdrift, og ikke mindst for den nuværende (om end kaotiske) oplæring af alle internetmenneskers evner til at begå sig blandt andre digitalt og følgelig også i den fysiske virkelighed.

ACT.openmedia.com opfordrer til, at man fortæller sine nationale repræsentanter i EU, at man ikke er interesseret. Ikke mindst fordi EU-kommissionen komplet har ignoreret al modstand fra berørte og interesserede borgere og fra professionelle af enhver slags. For ikke at tale om, at Link Tax går imod the European Charter of Fundamental rights, som beskytter alle EU-borgeres rettigheder. Continue reading “At brænde broerne: Link tax, Linkskat, Linkbetaling, Linkafgift”

global parliament

the global parliament, or Earth Forum, is an idea I have entertained for a few years. In 2012 I called it World Council, (tumblr) (1000stemmer), which in brief was an idea to centralise a fact-gathering of global worries as topics for locals, professionals and other interested to comment on.

I realise I am not the only one speculating in the direction of a community driven council to the people of Earth, but with recent and sudden changes in global stressors I was inspired to finalise a framework comparable to community service.

Continue reading “global parliament”

Before, there was an Internet; now it’s a “legitimate library”!

The book industry CAN win over the whole globe.


The English speaking Book industry centered in USA – “a coalition of the world’s largest book publishers including Cambridge University Press, Harper Collins, Elsevier and John Wiley & Sons” – has managed to shut down possibly the largest private book repository in the world with public access, containing among its 400.000 downloadable books enough copyright violation works to have a court judge warrent an order of closure.

The Publishers cheered. “It is a victory”, said  Stephen M. Smith, President and CEO of John Wiley & Sons. “This action reflects our commitment to protecting secure, safe, and legitimate use of the Internet”.

Legitimate use of the Internet! Are they crazy? Or plain stupid!?

Their BS-spin is cooking up pretense agendas – as if the internet was a road and it had been taken over by robbers stifling progress for all and the way forward was to rid the road of robbers.

It’s quite the reverse, actually! The Publishers acting on behalf of everyone become the robbers, wanting to hold back natural evolution, and the road connects everyone with everyone.

The Internet is the World, brothers and sisters. The Internet is the world speaking to itself, and the powers that be are doing their damndest to stop the World from developing.

The world is not just using the Internet,

the World is being shaped by the ability of people to communicate instantaneously, and it is happening fast.

Yes, you are afraid, and naturally so:

Everything is verging towards a massive change – what doom sayers need call “a collapse of the old ways”. The natural response of government and real power is to try and stall the progress, to give businesses time to adjust – have the economic structure invent itself to retain a high motivational factor in order to keep the wheels turning, even if there is not much hope. Then war will step in, or famine, or natural disasters, or TV, or plain threats of loss of more jobs, or food (food is not quite an issue yet in the western world), something will come about, which will be aided, orchestered in the desired direction by the Powers that be, towards a retention of stability – by shifting the world’s attention to easy, understandable, physical occurances, and away from abstract change in the freedom of expressing needs and opinions.

Yes, yes, yes, you are right. Lack of cohesion IS setting in. And the fault is in communication – in your blatant disregard for what communicative desire IS:

We all create with our minds. Creation in a human being is a communication process adjusting inner needs and talents to outer needs and limitations. Creation means acknowledging both needs and change. Creating more ways to hang on to power and earn more money IS creation in the sense of the word, you could say. All creatures resist death, in any way possible, by shedding all factors of existence that present themselves as burdens.

Same with big business. Big, old mono-businesses have no momentum to be inventive players like all small businesses rushing to accommodate change, and begin the process of dieing, which to some is a horrible thing, while to others just the balance ever so slowly shifting towards an inner collapse. And in that process  the old ones stand in the way of the creativity and devolopment of the rest.

Such refusal to roll over and die is very well, and even encouraging too. But when dinosaurs of the book industry refuse to change, refuse to invent technology and go first, refuse to accept other people doing it for them, and when they can have the power to turn the global network into a pet from their own fear, lazyness and lack of flexibility in a changing world, and when they present their refusal to neither die nor change by claiming moral superiority over the rest of the world, as in “our commitment to protecting secure, safe, and legitimate use of the Internet”, its time to


There are many ways to affect change. People could be guided, but nobody powerful wishes to guide them. People could be consoled, but nobody powerful possess neither sufficient heart nor responsibility or means of consolation. The empowerment is coming from below instead. Call it “a revolution”, if you will, but just remember: A revolution is not always a succes. A revolution, a turning of the cards, can lose by succeding. It can die in the instant the troops (i.e. people) start poring in. And become mainstream, and nobody sees or notices it. And all the industries will rush to exploit its present potential of momentum.

The right word in this regard is evolution. And that just happens, no matter what. It counts the factors of every action, every opinion, every occurrence, every shift in the equilibrium. But what is inside this is freedom to shape the future from your own needs and regard for necessities, quality and essence. Except you are bound by law.

The book industry, along with all the other copyright moguls, have the law on their side. The law of ownership keeping the world economy and industry stable. They CAN win over the whole globe on the pretext of protecting stability.

IF that happens, they themselves will wish that they had been able to pull out of their abject refusal to step down and let flexible initiative take over. The consequences of the refusal to die of all the old World right-owership coalitions are that monitoring and privacy violations will see a marked increase in stress related deaths. Lowered life expectancy in the western world, Australia, Japan, South Korea, the arab world. A brief new flood of physical mail as a way of retaining privacy. Then illegal subnets. Then back to status quo. There is NO way of stifling communication and creation that has tasted the freedom of access to a bigger world.  Only misery will follow from trying to stop individuals’ need for expansion into the minds of everyone else.

Ahead lies only total monitoring, or letting go. Demand for security converging with rising desire of privacy. We are seeing the tip of the iceberg, and flocks of anti-restriction memes will soon inhabit the space of “Free Will”, if nothing is done about this habit of trying to control the masses.

We are the masses. The Earth. The 99%.

Un-controling the masses has never been done, I think. Letting go of the leash, after the fact of control. Not in any age. So, history serves as no indicator of un-controlled masses, other in a very limited fashion – in times of war and civil disturbances.

The future in that regard is a blank slate, and the economy and thus personal empowement springing from capitalism demand it stay relatively blank for the masses. And the only way to that goal is through control. Control on a global scale makes the future predictable, for the select few to benefit from, and everyone else to fall in line behind. On a moral high ground to protect the world from itself…

Is this better than the freedom to fail?

Inspirative source: http://torrentfreak.com/book-publishers-shut-down-library-nu-and-ifile-it-120215/

From the unhappiest to the happiest country in the world – and then what?

En fribyforfatter fortæller: “Armed with the knowledge of my possible demise at an early age, I do what is important”.


Mette Ø. Henriksens blog: From the unhappiest to the happiest country in the world – and then what?.

En fribyforfatter fortæller: “Armed with the knowledge of my possible demise at an early age, I do what is important”.


ICORN: ytringsfrihedsværn for skrivende


Så lidt og dog så meget. HÅB hedder det.

“Vi overlever under store vanskeligheder. Og sommetider overlever vi ikke”. Sagt af den russiske journalist, Anna Politkovskaya, i tale ved åbningen af Stavanger Fribycenter. 14. marts 2003.

Anna Politkovskaya blev 7. oktober 2006 myrdet pga. sin kritik af Ruslands krig i Tjetjenien. Listen over skribenter, der er blevet dræbt i kunstnerisk og journalistisk holdningstjeneste, er lang.

ICORN hedder organisationen, der varetager Friby-ordningen for forfulgte og livstruede skribenter. Kriterierne for at blive vurderet som potentiel fribyforfatter kan læses hér.

Danmark har foreløbig meldt sig på banen med 5 fribyer, Århus som den første, Frederiksberg som nr. to, og Odense, Fanø og København venter stadig på at modtage forfattere. Kriterierne er frivillighed (selvfølgelig), en bolig, og midler for forfatteren til at deltage i og skabe arrangementer, der fremstiller forfatterskabet og samtidig fungerer som formidlinger af grundlaget for tilslutningen til fribyordningen: At ytringsfriheden skal holdes i hævd.


Fordelingen af Fribyer verden over (feb. 2011)

  • Holland  1
  • Spanien 2
  • Norge 11
  • Belgien 1
  • Italien 3
  • Danmark 5
  • Tyskland 2
  • Sverige 5
  • Mexico 1
  • USA 1
  • England 1
  • Frankrig 1

Fribyer for forfulgte forfattere, en rapport – Et bidrag til at sikre ytringsfriheden i praksis. Af Jacob Andersen, November 2006

NB: Det påpeges fra ICORNs side, at ICORN ikke er en flygtningeorganisation, ikke har ressourcer til omgående flytning eller redning af en forfatter fra en livstruende situation, ikke har autoritet i eller indflydelse på regeringsinstitutioner og som alle andre må efterleve et hvert lands gældende love og regler. ICORN alene formidler kontakterne til forfatterorganisationer i lande verden over, som har udtrykt interesse i at deltage i ordningen. Samtidig understreges det, at ICORN ikke kan garantere husly til nogen bestemt ansøger. Og at det derfor er ekstremt vigtigt, at alle ansøgere og kandidater gør brug af enhver mulighed for sikkerhed og tryghed, der står dem åbne.


ACTA forsøger at forhindre tyveri af intellektuelle rettigheder ved systematisk at tilsidesætte demokratiske rettigheder.

ACTA er et samarbejde mellem en del vestlige lande om at forhindre og retsforfølge tyveri af intellektuelle rettigheder.

I den Europæiske Kommission har man længe i fuld hemmelighed samarbejdet med USA og Australiens mediekoncerner og medicinalindustri om udformningen af rammerne for et samarbejde, der skal kunne annullere folks muligheder for at komme i vejen for økonomiske interesser. Det vil ikke mindst finde anvendelse på nettet i form af retsligt anerkendte lukninger af internetsider. Derudover er det kommet frem, at disse industrimoguler tillige har diskuteret strafferammen for overtrædelse af rettighedslovgivningen… Forretningsfolk afgør længden på straffen for tyveri af DVD-film!! Rent vanvid!

Uanset hvor grænsen ender med at gå, er en vedvarende udhuling af demokratiske rettigheder allerede i gang, og lobbyisme fra forskellige industrier punker ikke kritikken, men derimod på kløgtigste vis forældregenerationen med systematisk frygtskabelse (Husk på, de ejer medierne…):

“VIL I SÅ HELLERE HAVE… (terrorisme, pædofile, hvid slavehandel, kontotømninger…)”,

og med systematisk trolling af intelligente debatfora udføres en systematisk udradering af mulighederne for at føre intelligente debatter.

Stille og roligt overføres den demokratiske magt fra borgere til virksomheder, der lever af at kontrollere såkaldte “intellektuelle rettigheder: De pantentafhængige og medieindustrien. Stille og roligt vænnes alle og enhver til at æde indskrænkningerne, og stille og roligt forsvinder betydningen af talefrihed, fordi der inden for ikke mange år vil være andet end mure og dagbogssider tilbage at udfolde sine meninger på. Og måske end ikke dér.

Én gang til for prins Knud: Magten i verden, trods opretholdelsen af valgret og demokratisk valgte politiske repræsentanter for folkets meninger, er ved at tilflyde medicinalfirmaer, softwarefirmaer og musik/TV/film/ebog og DVD-producenter!!! De kan Lukke dit liv ned, dine konti, din internetforbindelse, din email, og der er intet, du kan gøre ved det.

Så, hvad vil du gøre ved det?

Kenneth Krabat, 16.12. 2010

Link til den Europæiske Kommisions ACTA-side

Link til ACTAs endelige samarbejdsaftale. Kan også hentes hér, hvis nu den skulle forsvinde fra adressen (udgave af i dag, 16.12.2010)

ANALYSE af det endelige ACTA-dokument (på engelsk), og hér i Google-oversættelse.

ACTA på dansk WikiPedia (sølle 4 linier):

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA) er en multilateral handelsaftale der omhandler intellektuel ophavsret. Aftalelandene er USA, Australien, Mexico og EUs medlemslande. Aftalen blev offentliggjort 14. december 2010.

Forhandlingerne var hemmelige, uden demokratisk indblik, men visse informationer blev lækket – heriblandt informationer om at USA, Singapore, Sydkorea og Danmark blokerede for at give offentligheden indsigt i aftalen.

ACTA på engelsksproget WikiPedia (ordentlig artikel)