More on ebook signing: Autography™ (link)

Only a few will share their personally signed ebooks.

Video presentation:

During the New York City Digital Show & Tell Autography™ LCC won a “speed date” presentation of their product, on the following entry clause: “Exciting new projects related to e-books, e-readers, digital books and/or digital content”.

Autography LLC
Presented by Thomas Waters & Robert Barrett, Co-Founders
Autography is a patent-pending technology writers use to autograph their e-books just like they sign hard copy books. The technology works across multiple e-reader devices and has been tested domestically and on a USO-sponsored tour of the Middle East.

Book Expo America 2011- impressions (links)

Ebook Readers, Digital Books, Digital Content Publishing and Global Adaption of EPUB3!

from LinkedIn:

Hi everyone –

It was a busy week last week with BEA in full swing. It was great to see many of you at our meet-up on Wednesday at the Landmark Tavern. Thank you all who did attend, and for those who missed it, we’ll certainly be hosting more events soon.

Overall, the mood at BEA was very upbeat and by all accounts, most people felt this year was very active and well-attended. The switch back to three days (from last year’s truncated two day event) was also a welcome change and by all accounts it seems that many made use of the extra day on Thursday to wrap up important business. Continue reading “Book Expo America 2011- impressions (links)”