Book Expo America 2011- impressions (links)

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from LinkedIn:

Hi everyone –

It was a busy week last week with BEA in full swing. It was great to see many of you at our meet-up on Wednesday at the Landmark Tavern. Thank you all who did attend, and for those who missed it, we’ll certainly be hosting more events soon.

Overall, the mood at BEA was very upbeat and by all accounts, most people felt this year was very active and well-attended. The switch back to three days (from last year’s truncated two day event) was also a welcome change and by all accounts it seems that many made use of the extra day on Thursday to wrap up important business.

For those of you that missed out, we’ve included a few links below to give you a sense of the BEA recaps, lots of good information here about what was seen and heard throughout the three days.

The Good eReader Blog has a really thorough wrap-up of the BEA proceedings, for those who want to get an overall sense of the show, as well as some coverage on the announcement about ePub3 this week from the IDPF:

As part of the Good eReader site, there’s also an interview with a representative from Google Books that’s worth a listen, given how hard both Google and Apple were courting publishers during this year’s event:

For a rather humorous take on the “flora and fauna of BEA” as the author puts it, see the blog post below from

Dan Blank writes an interesting account of how conferences like Book Expo remind us to keep looking forward, and not think in terms of traditional vs digital media, but how we as an industry can continue to grow:

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