INFP og at adskille egne og andres følelser


Så meget ja!

Being away from people lets an INFP simply be themselves, and deconstruct their experiences without distractions. In social situations INFPs are kinda like funhouse mirrors reflecting those around them in the strange shape of themselves. One reason it’s difficult for people to understand an INFP is because often people confuse their reflection with the INFP themselves, often missing any recognition of self. They may recognize the INFP being accommodating and understanding but fail to grasp the depth and reason behind it.

INFPs need space to understand the difference between themselves and others partly. (Usually a subconscious process, but sometimes a conscious one.) But beyond that they need space to simply be alone as their truest self without having to worry about the feelings and emotions of others altering their perspective.



Why are INFP personalities called ‘Healers’?

What does it mean to heal?

I cannot tell if its a standard healing practice, but Im a “fixer”: Often I see a hole or void in the fabric of something – a function, an opinion, a narrative, an understanding, a symmetry, a taste ao. – and I cannot help but try to make it whole. I am not necessarily interested in RE-pairing it, that is “REturning it to an original condition”, but more a feeling of taking it forward to what is possible during the circumstance. I understand that some things will only function optimally, or at all, if given a 1:1 part replacement – but many voids can be filled in a way, where the artefact will be given a new life. A fix. Continue reading “Why are INFP personalities called ‘Healers’?”