Why are INFP personalities called ‘Healers’?

What does it mean to heal?

I cannot tell if its a standard healing practice, but Im a “fixer”: Often I see a hole or void in the fabric of something – a function, an opinion, a narrative, an understanding, a symmetry, a taste ao. – and I cannot help but try to make it whole. I am not necessarily interested in RE-pairing it, that is “REturning it to an original condition”, but more a feeling of taking it forward to what is possible during the circumstance. I understand that some things will only function optimally, or at all, if given a 1:1 part replacement – but many voids can be filled in a way, where the artefact will be given a new life. A fix.

Some physical or mental artefacts can in principal last a long, long time, but are often made redundant by artificial ageing or worn out by repeated use or exposure to stress and resistance such as weather, pressure, logic, chemical pollutants, wrongful application, false information ao. IF not broken irrepairably I can very often fix it first by analysing previous function/s, then observe my imagination stress testing future convergences to find the longest lasting fix, and then applying the fix with some kind of bonding chemical, engineering, psychological, philological/ontological or emotional in structure. If it wants to.

My fix is only as good as my understanding of material components, their bonding and my application thereof, but I’m low-level good at it (no fancy machineshop or expensive solutions), mainly because it for some reason makes me happy making the voids go away. At least in my imagination/projection, that is. The Real world Really is a different kettle of fish.

Kenneth Krabat – Fixer man – INFP/T
I (10%) NFP (All High) -T (70%)

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