Why are INFP personalities called ‘Healers’?

What does it mean to heal?

I cannot tell if its a standard healing practice, but Im a “fixer”: Often I see a hole or void in the fabric of something – a function, an opinion, a narrative, an understanding, a symmetry, a taste ao. – and I cannot help but try to make it whole. I am not necessarily interested in RE-pairing it, that is “REturning it to an original condition”, but more a feeling of taking it forward to what is possible during the circumstance. I understand that some things will only function optimally, or at all, if given a 1:1 part replacement – but many voids can be filled in a way, where the artefact will be given a new life. A fix. Continue reading “Why are INFP personalities called ‘Healers’?”

HEALING, the inclusion of honesty

Being a healer does not mean being PURE in any Christian sense of the word.

HEALING, the inclusion of honesty

There is a great difference between Curing and Healing: Curing is making the symptoms go away. Healing is attaining understanding of the causes. The first is the realm of the medical doctor, the second the realm of the psychologist, priest, spiritual guide, urban shaman – and of the patient him and herself. Continue reading “HEALING, the inclusion of honesty”