Ingen in-house digter i EU-parlamentet, anklager om elitisme

– “der skal klare, hårde ord til nu i EU. Og digtere sover om dagen, de fleste af dem”.


WELL-VERSED IN POLITICS? Writers Mithu Sanyal, Dmitrij Kapitelman and Simone Buchholz recently suggested adding some beauty to German politics, by establishing the post of parliamentary poet and a scholarship to fund it. Potential laureates could act as an “irritation and disruptive factor,” they said, and at the same time “build bridges.” People who watched Amanda Gorman read her inauguration poem for U.S. President Joe Biden might remember the profound effect — both calming and stimulating — that her piece had on many people, including politicians.

Not ready for rhyme time: German cities from Bergen Enkheim to Rottweil offer scholarships, awards or positions for writers-in-residence. So it does not seem a huge stretch to suggest parliament might do something similar. Katrin Göring-Eckardt, a Bundestag vice president from the Greens, backed the project. But the idea was subject to ridicule and malice on Twitter and in the letters pages of newspapers — in short, in places where beauty is hard to come by. Wolfgang Kubicki, another Bundestag vice president, joined in the criticism, branding the proposal an  “elitist project.” Kubicki is certainly an authority on the subject, as a senior member of the FDP, the self-declared party for high-earners.

Poetic license refused: Bild columnist and in-house poet Franz-Josef Wagner was also not a fan of the idea. He declared that “everyone loves poetry, but not now,” in the midst of a pandemic. He observed that “tears trickle down onto a [poet’s] writing pad,” where “colorful and glittery poetic words, glinting like dust in the light” appear. But what the country needs now are “clear words … Hard, true words,” wrote Wagner. That aside, he noted: “Poets usually work at night. Over several bottles of red wine, during the day they sleep. Not all of them. But most of the ones I know.”

kilde: politico, Berlin Bulletin

EU lægger sten i vejen for digitale US-spioner

– 1 persondataudnyttelses-enighed ad gangen

— inspiration: The European Parliament’s Court of Justice, re. Schrems II of July 2020 [PDF ruling]

Schrems II er…

Ja, Europa kunne ikke have, at USA’s internetfirmaer sendte persondata ud af EU, hvis de ikke under vedtagne aftaler kunne garantere for disse data. Og det kunne disse selskaber kun, hvis de befandt sig på en liste, The Privacy Shield fra 2016.

Denne liste har EUs domstol lige erklæret ugyldig. Dét er “Schrems II”-afgørelsen.

Denne afgørelse har implikationer for eks. SoMe-selskaber med servere i USA – Facebook, Google og lignende – samt hvad måske værre er: For sky-tjenester, der opbevarer “europæiske persondata” på servere i USA.

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