All Time Travel movies, 1896-2015

Time Travel is decent dream material that doesn’t steal or preach…
Because, why would you steal or preach, if you could travel in time?!

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All Time Travel Movies from 1896 and on

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106 thoughts on “All Time Travel movies, 1896-2015”


    2015 | Les Visiteurs 3: La Terreur | min. (dir. Jean-Marie Poiré) | Visitors from the past

    [1 1993 | Les Visiteurs (aka. The Visitors) | 107 minutes (dir. Jean-Marie Poiré) | Temporal Phenomenon | Knights, France

    2 1997 | les Couloirs du temps: Les visiteurs 2 | 118 minutes (dir. Jean-Marie Poiré) | Time Travel ]

  2. 2014 | Interstellar | minutes (dir. Christopher Nolan) | Time Travel, Alternate Dimensions

  3. For sejt og vildt!
    Et langt syretrip (kender du den vandrehistorie om dem, som tog syre og aftalte at mødes, men ikke hvor, og men nogle af dem gik langs vandet – og kom forbi det samme strandede skib to gange!- og mødte de uden problemer de andre?)

  4. I remember seeing a film about time travel, an old movie using stop motion…

    I think they used a “claw” or “footprint” of a lizard like humanoid that lived among dinosaurs to reach the time they wanted…

    When they kill the tryranosaur they try to come back… and the
    present is ruled by those lizard creatures… I think they end going
    back and fixing everything, but I’m not sure…

    Someone know this one??

    Not these: A Sound of Thunder; At the Earth’s Core; The People That Time Forgot;
    Land of the Lost, already checked them…

  5. Tom’s Midnight Garden 1974 made for tv movie. (I noticed you only have the 1999 version)


    1. @Blair MacDonald Thanks! I have 200+ coming up. At present I just cannot edit the code, because WP won’t accept more text in one entry. I am therefore moving the TT to a page of its own. But things take time… KK

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