All Time Travel movies, 1896-2015

Time Travel is decent dream material that doesn’t steal or preach…
Because, why would you steal or preach, if you could travel in time?!

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All Time Travel Movies from 1896 and on

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106 thoughts on “All Time Travel movies, 1896-2015”

  1. I am searching for a time-machine movie; I saw it once. I think it was set in the 40s or 50s. the main charactor is a young man who loves a mob wife (or prostitute); he borrows money from the mob; he might’ve refused money from a bank. I think he refused their money because they wanted the machine. I think I remember him dressed in a suite and tie. I think he murdered a mob hitman who came to kill him and kept hiding the bodies in the apartment. There were scenes of bright lights. The police kept closing in. Somehow, there was one scene which might have been from the original comic book. It is sorta triangle with the star in the center and a ton of device pieces spread out in front of him towards the camera. This has been driving me crazy for years as I have been trying to find this movie.

  2. Mistakes in your listing:
    2002 | 2009: Lost Memories appears also as 2001 | 2009: Lost memories
    typo spelling
    2000 | Escape to Grizzyly Mountain
    s/b Grizzly

    Fantastic and Comprehensive listing

    1. also duplicate entry
      2002 | The Erotic Time Machine | minutes (dir. John Baccus) | Plot Device | Soft Porn

  3. I do not remember the title of this film, but I do not see it on this list. It is about a boy who escapes from a psychiatric facility, and tries to engineer a perfect moment to protect someone from drowning. He believes he can time travel using a digital camera (stashed in a jet scarp yard). I remember that is starts with a girl receiving messages on a broken phone. There is a joke about her t-shirt “I love Dick” – in reference to Philip K Dick. It ends with 2 other characters meeting up, as the perfect moment culminates, with a car breaking down, and his lost love is a tow-truck driver with a diamond tattoo on her face. There is also a scene where the man saves the life of a child from an allergic reaction to a bee sting at a gas station. Very low budget, and came out maybe 6 years ago. Anyone?

  4. Plot device

    A plot device is an object or character in a story whose only purpose is to advance the plot of the story, or alternatively to overcome some difficulty in the plot. A contrived or arbitrary plot device may annoy or confuse the reader, causing a loss of the suspension of disbelief. However a well-crafted plot device, or one that emerges naturally from the setting or characters of the story, may be entirely accepted, or may even be unnoticed by the audience.

      1. Stumbled upon it while researching Kneale. I like the idea very much and hope a recording turns up. I’m almost positive Kneale did not direct it, though. So:
        1963 | The Road | minutes (dir. ?) | data from the future | Nuclear Holocaust, Ghosts | Movie lost, written by Nigel Kneale

        From “thecommexokid” on Reddit:

        “About Time (2013) and Lunopolis (2009) are the only released items I noticed missing. Though the upcoming Project Almanac (2015) and Interstellar (2014) could both probably be safely added to the upcoming lists.”
        About Time is a double, so:

        2009 | Lunopolis | 98 minutes (dir. Matthew Avant) | Conspiracy, moon | Mockumentary, direct to video

        2014 | Interstellar | ? minutes (dir. Christopher Nolan) | Wormhole

        2014 | Project Almanac | ? minutes (dir. Dean Israelite) | Time machine

        When will the comments be added to the main article?

        1. Thanks for these, Kristian!

          There is a limitation to WordPress, meaning I cannot add to the above. I have to move the code to its own page, possibly separate the list into two – which doesn’t quite suite me, as I prefer being able to give people the easy option to copy it.

          So, I have ordered, and will make a new home, once that domain is real eased.

    1. ah, var her allerede:

      2011 | O Homem do Futuro (aka. the Man from the Future) | 106 minutes (dir. Cláudio Torres) | Time Travel | Brazil

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