Life Supporting Illusions

Technologification of mythology blurrs the line btw fact and fiction.

I am delving into the drama-mythos for the Stargate franchise SG-1, and came across two relevant inputs:

A master thesis by Sandra Whitelaw: “The Attraction of Sloppy Nonsense: Resolving Cognitive Estrangement in Stargate through the Technologising of Mythology

And an excerpt from a book on Kant by Predrag Cicovacki, as follow-up on the concept of “Necessary Illusions”:

From “Between Truth and Illusion: Kant at the Crossroads of Modernity” by Predrag Cicovacki

Sandra Whitelaw has co-written 3 Stargate series-tie-in books. Her’s masters is quite interesting in how she presents the use of mythology in science fiction, especially Stargate, as sloppy story telling that works. ‘Works’ to such a degree that some fans begin to believe in the actual existence of a clandestine Stargate operation on American soil…

The exegesis is not the outcome of problem-driven research; rather, it unpacks and examines the basic structure of science fiction narrative, how an established concept, the technologising of mythology, is used as a novum in the creative work, and how that same process and novum is used in fallacy to create ‘sloppy nonsense’

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