Poetic Justice. Really.

What happened to 22 young people, who trashed the home of Robert Frost, the poet.

Reading it I cried. Really.

A Case of Poetic Justice. Literally. [link]

Jay Parin, is the author of this real life story about poetic justice for 22 young people, who trashed the summer home of the famous poet Robert Frost. JP is also the author of (among many) a book about why poetry matters (in the general sense) – taking his cue from Robert Frost:

Meaning is the essence of life for humans. Well, probably for any lifeform capable of pondering its own existance… The connection between the mind’s enquiring eye and the depths of the emotional heart.

Without poetry, ie. the metaphors, which poetry is often full of, life becomes dull. Metaphors put the meaning into life through mental and emotional comparisons to other things we find meaningful. Poetry makes us stop and wonder, thereby infusing new and old with meaning – things, lifeform, emotions, observations, opinions, and all that takes place in green nature. The meaning is not necessarily embedded in poetry or in metaphors. Poetry and metaphor is just an aid to make us think. Poetry is a way. And not necessarily the road less travelled.