The Arbitrator of Universal Fairness and Balance

Do you feel fairly treated by Life? Press one to nine to voice your opinion.

The Arbitrator of Universal Fairness and Balance says “Hi! You have been selected for our weekly survey of fairness in balance produced by our Universal Self.

Press one, IF you feel Fairly treated.

Press two, IF you feel Fairly in Balance.

Press three, IF you feel in Balance.

Press four, IF circumstances have somehow aquired a more murky hue.

Press five, IF by “Balance” you mean “Eternally Static”.

Press six, IF nothing, and this means NOTHING, makes sense anymore.

Press seven, IF liability for your misfortunes should immediately be transferred to our Universal Self for injection.

Press eight, IF THIS is your Final Warning.

Press nine, IF you wish to hear this Announcement Repeated. This time Without interference!

Press zero to enter a sweepstake and win the grand prize: You will never hear from us again.

Moderne, Postmoderne… kom ud af kredsløb!

A note on using the term Post Modern:

after modernism (subsumes, assumes, extends the modern or tendencies already present in modernism, not necessarily in strict chronological succession) 

contra modernism (subverting, resisting, opposing, or countering features of modernism) 

equivalent to “late capitalism” (post-industrial, consumerist, and multi- and trans-national capitalism) 

the historical era following the modern (an historical time-period marker) 

artistic and stylistic ecclecticism (hybridization of forms and genres, mixing styles of different cultures or time periods, de- and re-contextualizing styles in architecture, visual arts, literature) 

“global village” phenomena: globalization of cultures, races, images, capital, products (“information age” redefinition of nation-state identities, which were the foundation of the modern era; dissemination of images and information across national boundaries, a sense of erosion or breakdown of national, linguistic, ethnic, and cultural identities; a sense of a global mixing of cultures on a scale unknown to pre-information era societies)

The features in the table below are only tendencies, not absolutes. In fact, the tendency to see things in seemingly obvious, binary, contrasting categories is usually associated with modernism. The tendency to dissolve binary categories and expose their arbitrary cultural co-dependency is associated with postmodernism. Continue reading “Moderne, Postmoderne… kom ud af kredsløb!”


Henning sagde: God made the world beautiful.. seen from above.. so far from the processess of growth, decay and death among the sinners below?

a pilot MUST think the world beautiful, so un-interactive he is with the happenings and the doings of the people and the peoples and the processess of growth, decay and death below. The pilot is coveted for this ability to see that which none on the ground can see for himself without the plane and the ability to fly.

This vision is shared by the artist, the philosopher, the ecologer, the cosmologer, and the theologist, each in their field, and with their special brand of vision. Only it is an inner view, and contrary to the pilot’s visions this world of beauty is not the physical world, but the world above the world.

Such are the worlds of man: The physical world, and the world of human history and translation of all previous beauty. Soaring. And down below.

Sometimes both, simultaneously.

(arbejde mod en engelskskrevet udgave af Tidens Kælven 2)


I tell you the stars are memories, nothing but memories, and they are not yours. And you don’t own your memories and you don’t own you. You arenot even you, you are being born all the time – from the womb of memories, no less, pray look right and left and right again, as you cross the street. And such is the way of the human world. Continue reading “(arbejde mod en engelskskrevet udgave af Tidens Kælven 2)”

Eftergiv Haitis gæld! (fra

Haiti is being crushed by debt now, due to the tsunami.

Help Haiti — drop the debt

I’ve just signed a petition for the cancellation of Haiti’s US$1 billion debt. Haiti’s people should not be made to pay back loans made to unelected dictators years ago even as they struggle to recover from the earthquake.

You can read more below, or sign the petition here

It’s shocking: even as aid flows in to Haiti’s desperate communities, money is flowing out to pay off the country’s crushing debt — over $1 billion in unfair debt racked up years ago by unscrupulous lenders and governments.

The call for full cancelation of Haiti’s debt is building steam across the world, and has won over some leaders — but other rich lender countries are rumoured to be resisting. And time is short: G7 finance ministers could reach a final decision next week at their summit in Canada.

Let’s raise a massive global call for justice, mercy and common sense for the people of Haiti in this hour of tragedy. Avaaz and partners will deliver the call for debt relief directly to the summit — click below to sign the petition, and then pass this email to friends

Even before the earthquake, Haiti was one of the world’s poorest countries. After Haitian slaves rose up and won their independence in 1804, France demanded billions in reparations — launching a spiral of poverty and unjust debt that has lasted two centuries.

In recent years, the tremendous worldwide campaign for debt relief has awoken the world’s conscience. And in the last few days, under mounting public pressure, lenders have begun to say the right things about erasing Haiti’s still-devastating debt burden.

But the devil is in the details. After the 2004 tsunami, the IMF announced relief from debt payments for stricken countries — but the underlying debt went right on growing. Once public attention had faded, the debt payments were bigger than ever.
It’s time to cancel Haiti’s debt fully and without conditions, and ensure that earthquake aid is made with grants, not loans. A victory now will change lives in Haiti even after the world’s attention has moved on. Join the call for debt relief, and pass this message to those who feel the same:

As we watch the images on our televisions and computers, it’s hard not to be overwhelmed. And the history of rich countries’ relations with Haiti is dark indeed.
But moments like this one can bring transformation. Across the world, people have donated to save lives in Haiti — indeed, Avaaz members have given more than $1 million in the last ten days. But we also need to raise our voices as global citizens, to address the man-made tragedies that left our brothers and sisters in Haiti so vulnerable to natural crises.

There is not enough that we can do. But let’s all do everything we can.
With hope,
Ben, Alice, Iain, Ricken, Sam, Milena, Paula, and the whole Avaaz team


Having a discussion with someone, who sees Islam as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Christianity as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Buddhism as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Sufism, Judaism, Hinduism as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Capitalism as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Liberalism, Socialism, Sex as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Ecology as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Family as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Class Division as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Personal Empowerment as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees One Nation, One Education as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Automobilism, Two-wheelerism or Pedestrianism as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Self-caught Food or Vaccuum Packing as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Love as the only right way, is not possible. Or Aggression for that matter too.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees the Way of the Warrior or the Healer as the only right way, is not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees him or herself as the only right way, is not possible, full stop

Having a discussion with someone, who sees Discussion as the only way and unity as the only result, is not possible, so what do I do?

What do I do, when I cannot talk my way to terms of being here, both of us?
Do I sleep badly at night from fear or anger? Do I ignore them?

Do I take their unwillingness as a threat in itself? Do I try to understand them, embrace them, become the one to create the space inside of me and my world for those, who have no room for me?

Am I the warrior just waiting for the cup to be filled, or the healer, whose cup never runneth over?
Or am I the Man in the middle, endlessly pondering which of the two I actually ought to be, now, right now!?

Having a discussion with someone, who sees Faith as the only way. Not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who sees Doubt as the only way. Not possible.
Having a discussion with someone, who has all bases covered, just isn’t possible.

There is only one way.

Find it yourself.

Teksten er oversat fra “lige nu” og udvidet.

digtet er en reaktion på flg. i Jyllandsposten:

How not to become a librarian of the future, but avoid the centralised database, where data is lost due to censorship.

Story idea springing from a desire to share anything digital, which holds meaning to me. Wouldn’t that be nice, if it was possible without hardware?

Fed up with not being able to find what you are looking for?

We need to organize our data in a different way from what we have been used to in the short life of the Internet.

What began as a global library based on individual’s input has turned into private enterprise leeching on individual’s labour.

Take – where else do you go to look for info on films!? What do you do, if you cannot find info about a film, meaning “data no one has entered into imdb”? You do a general search on the title, meaning actor, date, year or what ever specifics of the data you are looking for. And you end up with a lot of dubious results, or most likely none at all.

For a time it looked as if bittorrent was the answer to it all: Everybody is sharing what they have with everyone else – but this data transportation protocol is slowly drowning in lawsuits due to copyright infringements, even if legal sharing is a great success for those using it.

So, how do I share all of my data, meaning data that interests me, without becoming a librarian and having to tag every single file?

And how do I avoid things being so easy to find for everyone that specific data can be censored out of search results?

Can I envision a future, where access to specific words are granted on a basis of necessity to the Whole? Who eg. can read about LSD and submit info on LSD? Only those having used LSD. How do you prove you have? By inputting an essay on your experience with LSD. Collective specific permitters to LSD-info will review your essay, and grant you access on a clearance level fitting of your own level – possibly with option to learn, ie. earn more knowledge, if your own level shows willingness to learn in a serious manner.

Why is this different from wikipedia? Because wikipedia is factuel, whereas this is subjective, and based on personal experience.

What about Now-access to answers to now-questions in life? How does that differ from school?

[possible short-story titled “school of life”]

Could we expect that all of this takes place through a universal language, making all nations participate in this sharing and controlling the level of access to knowledge?

Could we imagine someone, who is not sharing, and who doesn’t want to share? What will this person do with his life? School teaches and he responds normally, but he doesn’t input into the Collective. He just thinks.


We imagine this person as the first of a new breed, who is attuned to the Collective without hardware. Which means that he can access anything he wants to know – and so can everyone else, if he is willing to answer… “I just know stuff”, when someone discovers his hardware is not attuned to the Collective.

We imagine people finding about his ability, and trying to reach the highest levels of the Collective through him.

Can we imagine him being flooded with insight from the Collective, as new doors into human cruelty and ruthlessness become obvious to him?

Can we imagine him trying to find ways to stop caring about answers, so he doesn’t become flooded with info from the higher levels of the Collective?

Can we imagine love and the massive information of love in the Collective being his salvation – that everything about human’s desire for love over-shadowing every other thing – even cruelty and crime committed in the search for love?

Can we imagine there is no conscpiracy to prevent anyone from knowing anything, only demands that they themselves have earned understanding – but that he is an anomaly, which threatens the machinery, because he can be exploited by people, who crave information on a higher level than they themselves have earned the rights to?

Can we imagine an ending, which benefits both him and the Whole – without him losing his “powers” and everybody suddenly acquiring similar “powers”? A space for him to live with his affliction, and everyone else living without?

Time Travel, a vent for loss of control

Humans can do anything, they can think. Or they will change their thinking.



* MOVIES INVOLVING TRAVELLING IN TIME by way of propulsion, magic, sleep, hypnotism, ”time machine”, worm holes, body hopping, ”sudden temporal phenomemen”, weather penomenen, reception of sent data from the future a.o.

Time Travelling expresses control over the progression of Time, oftenmost perceived as the image handed down by Marcus Aurelius: Water flowing towards the sea as a river that never repeats itself – in either direction it is at any given point different from adjoing points. To most people it feels natural to perceive time, ie. human life, with an ending and a beginning, the beginning being uncontrollably lost to us, but the ending, or the way to the ending, everything that is meant by the word ”control”: The open vista of opportunities and possibilities, of which we will try to ensure a handfull of those most interesting to us and most needed for survival. And when we succeed in our endeavours, we are in control. When we do not succeed, we have lost control.

Time Travel is a vent for loss of control: Continue reading “Time Travel, a vent for loss of control”