Henning sagde: God made the world beautiful.. seen from above.. so far from the processess of growth, decay and death among the sinners below?

a pilot MUST think the world beautiful, so un-interactive he is with the happenings and the doings of the people and the peoples and the processess of growth, decay and death below. The pilot is coveted for this ability to see that which none on the ground can see for himself without the plane and the ability to fly.

This vision is shared by the artist, the philosopher, the ecologer, the cosmologer, and the theologist, each in their field, and with their special brand of vision. Only it is an inner view, and contrary to the pilot’s visions this world of beauty is not the physical world, but the world above the world.

Such are the worlds of man: The physical world, and the world of human history and translation of all previous beauty. Soaring. And down below.

Sometimes both, simultaneously.