Quotes of importance to History, the dear.

IF you, like me, are without a History, you must make one up, in order to have a Future.

— Kenneth Krabat

IF you don’t care about a Future, don’t care about your History.

 — Kenneth Krabat

IF your Present is really your Present, and not an intermediate state of loss and gain, you have no need of advice.

 — Kenneth Krabat

Time Travel, a vent for loss of control

Humans can do anything, they can think. Or they will change their thinking.



* MOVIES INVOLVING TRAVELLING IN TIME by way of propulsion, magic, sleep, hypnotism, ”time machine”, worm holes, body hopping, ”sudden temporal phenomemen”, weather penomenen, reception of sent data from the future a.o.

Time Travelling expresses control over the progression of Time, oftenmost perceived as the image handed down by Marcus Aurelius: Water flowing towards the sea as a river that never repeats itself – in either direction it is at any given point different from adjoing points. To most people it feels natural to perceive time, ie. human life, with an ending and a beginning, the beginning being uncontrollably lost to us, but the ending, or the way to the ending, everything that is meant by the word ”control”: The open vista of opportunities and possibilities, of which we will try to ensure a handfull of those most interesting to us and most needed for survival. And when we succeed in our endeavours, we are in control. When we do not succeed, we have lost control.

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