Quora Q/A: Which platform is best to post my poems?


(Sure, its lockdown many place, but consider the physical world and personal contact still more, maybe even more, important now)

For me the most important platform is my voice.

If you can feel your text by reading and reading it in front of a live (accidental or invited) audience, you really get to know your own poetry and people get to know your name and your physical and inner voice (subject matter and depth of happiness, sorrow, fears, suffering).

Have examples of your spoken or written work in dropbox, google drive or similar, change the sharing link to a shortlink with Bitly or some of the other companies and put THAT on a business card along with a sample on one side and contact data on the other. Leave your card all over the place.


Put up QR codes with links to your work, where possible. Maybe write “POETRY” underneath it.

Write a daily poem and put in your cloud folder. Distribute the links as above. With dropbox people can comment on your poem.

Talk to people you meet, say (through the mask, they cannot see you): By the way (apropos nothing) I wrote a poem yesterday, which still makes me happy today. Would you like to read it? (give them your card)

Leave your card inside of library books or bookshop books, which you like. Don’t waste your cards in books that do not appeal to you, even if they are popular titles.

Do online readings, announce them on your SoMe.

Send poems to 1000 competitions and magazines, paid as well as free. Never pay more to partake than your intuition tells you you will get back in award money or distribution. Listen to that intuition. It can be taught and will become better over time.

Frame brief poems in attractive frames and ask bars and business to hang them for customers to see.

Make postcards with poems. Yes, postcards for stamps.

Make posters.

Spread your words among the living.

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