no part

we hope you never will…

You are not one of us.

Your dialect is not an issue. You have no dialect.

The lingo, the references, the “what’s this?” of people, who share similar talents and interests, none of it is familiar to you.

You do not connect. You do not belong. Mind, heart, body even, and so called spirit, an artist in the broken sense. An uncomfortable analyst you are – rarely with a home, even among peers, the threat of annihilating analysis being too great.

You are alone. The comings and goings of people, in the distance, through clouds, or binoculars, or through the “eyes of people”, that is your material. Dense and varied and manageable from afar.

Observer. Alone.

For you own safety you claim to enjoy the lives and emotions that you invent in order to let your thoughts gain present reality in all of your sensory perception and your empathy and aestetic talent.

You do not look towards the stars of the Universe, you look but towards “an understanding of society”. Something you perceive as an undefined date of future lessening of chaos. A coming to balance of mind with MIND – an equilibrium you will never achieve, not being “ofsociety”, and not even IF SO.

You know this.

Through birth or upbringing, little talents for managing talents, or lack of undefined-gift, what ever… you are no part. You are alwaystranslating. Always being translated in return. Never being seen.

Never being.

Because you are without. One cannot be without.

We pity you. We, the society, never say. As individuals we pity you.

Your fortunate “We” is visibly meaningful to you. And so is your bravadery meaningfully visible to us. You feel you benefit from us, in your miserable isolation. We thank you for not having to be you. We are most truly grateful.

We will further benefit from you.

In our massive collective.

You suspect that sometimes.

Sometimes even as you accept our pat on your head in what ever form suits you the best.

We will gladly accept all of your gifts of vision and pass them on to our people. And.

We will protect ourselves from your humanely lesser talent. And.

We will look at our collective, non-world building selves, through your soul and sensory perception and wonder at the truth of it, hmm…?

We will shower you with accolades and the fulfillment of your immediate and long-term dreams and desires, as you come to deserve.

And when you are hurt, we will look after you as one looks after a sick egg layer.

And with due honors we will pass on your accomplishmentss in the service of mankind to the annals.

We will never let you in.

Not that we could, if we would. Why destroy the better-world beauty that you see us with and the precious beauty of our following your pain?

We cannot.

We are too many to agree.

You are the one, who has to change.

We hope you never will.