Life Supporting Illusions

Technologification of mythology blurrs the line btw fact and fiction.

I am delving into the drama-mythos for the Stargate franchise SG-1, and came across two relevant inputs:

A master thesis by Sandra Whitelaw: “The Attraction of Sloppy Nonsense: Resolving Cognitive Estrangement in Stargate through the Technologising of Mythology

And an excerpt from a book on Kant by Predrag Cicovacki, as follow-up on the concept of “Necessary Illusions”: Continue reading “Life Supporting Illusions”

Cliffhanger Theatre Of Late

Will he fall, will he jump, is that dastardly hero not… yet done for?

[Any seeming similarity to modern day politics is probably either un-intended or just a thought.]

Brick Bradford, serial movie actor, @ blipTV

THE SECRET HISTORY OF CULT MOVIES – a Biblical tale of the Holy Unlikely

Living Color Movie Magazine

Based in Copenhagen since the early 90’s Jack Stevenson among other subjects from the weird and wonderful world of people abusing celluloid to it’s finest has written an unusual book about Danish Lars von Trier. But before Jack Stevenson came to notoriety, he wrote a lot of very personal and intense essays on film, which are dead links today. Due to the verisimilitude of the wayback machine most of these essays are preserved for posterity.

For example

– a Biblical tale of the Holy Unlikely

can be located at

– where you can also locate all of his other brilliant essays on seldom seen aspects of films and film genres in his then LIVING COLOR MOVIE MAGAZINE is still in Beta, but what a wonderful idea!

If an URL comes up empty, try searching for that specific URL directly at the archive homepage. It’s possible you have arrived at a link page, after the site has been shut down, but before wayback machine has stopped coming by.

Miranda July’s “me and you and everyone we know”

“Repeat after me: I’m gonna be free…”


Keith Kenniff’s soundtrack for Miranda July’s “me and you and everyone we know”


Movie (is up)

Miranda July’s Handy Tip

delicate weird

Miranda July: deleted scene from her 2nd full-feature movie, “The Future”, individually titled “Tips for the easily distracted”.

I love this director. Her quirky mind makes me feel alive in a world of … yes, distractions, seeing things I forgot can be seen.

Do find Me you and everyone we know (2005) and The Future(2011), if you in any way react positively to the above excerpt.

Battle: Los Angeles (2011)

Working with a minor budget and a shitty script.

Imagine you are trying to plan a movie, which has the whole of Los Angeles – a very big city, area wise – invaded by aliens, the city burning and smoke rising everywhere, and a full scale attack going on simultaneously all over town, so that any pan in any direction automatically would reveal the total and utter devastation of this great city by homicidal aliens bend on total annihalation of the human race. Invasion! War!

Your name is not James Cameron and your script is without mass appeal in the gut wrenching sense of the word, so NO big budget of a size that could feed half of the equatorial area of Africa for 6 months.

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Monsters (2010)

Sympatisk low-budget xenofobi-science fiction i lav-tempo, der fint illustrerer USAs forhold til resten af verden.


review: 8/10

Historien kort:

En amerikansk fotograf befinder sig i Mexico, og bliver af sin redaktør beordret til at efterspore avisejerens datter, og siden eskortere hende sikkert ud af landet. Fotografen er mere end en smule modvillig: Hér er han tæt på de fremmede livsformer, der har slået sig ned i Mexicos træbevoksede kystegne efter at være undsluppet fra en nedstyrtet NASA-sonde; skulle han ikke hellere gå på jagt efter fotos af disse frygtindgydende MONSTRE, der holder en hel verdensdel i frygt… Continue reading “Monsters (2010)”