I sign my ebooks (and so can you)

(and Sandra Boynton by way of Loud Crow signs her book-apps too)

Handsigned dedication #4

My name is Kenneth Krabat. I am a poet.

I rarely sell more than 250 copies of a physical book. Book signing always takes place after readings.

April 20 I sold the first copy of my new (e)book, “TId • Tidens Kælven 1 via mail. And returned it signed to the buyer, Ronni Borre, via dropbox.

I may be the first in the world to offer ebook signing publically and commercially. (Or just the first to say so… 😀 )

Prior to publication I had pondered how to avoid DRM, and reasoned that it was better to offer something to the buyer than to prohibit. Luuuve, baby…! I therefore decided to sign the first 50 ebooks in hand, how ever much work, and time it would cost me, contact wise or other.

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