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Directed by Guy Moshe. With Juliet Aubrey, Anna Brewster, Gabrielle Cassi, James D’Arcy. A fatal ill man tries to secure the future of his family in a world where the toxicity of the sun forces people to stay inside during the daytime.

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Review: 7/10

Deadly pacing, but BRILLIANT script reminiscent of PKD!

25 September 2020

This is a GOOD manuscript. And one of the most lonely, up-to-date depictions of modern online society, just taken to future extremes. Also reminiscent of Philip K Dick

Problems #1, 2,, 3 and 4 are

1. Direction (director demanding too little of actors)

2. Lack of funds (it looks a bit like theatre, but not taking the consequences entirely)

3. Editing (the pace is unnecessarily slow, but I guess it’s simply too short – not enough dramatic elements and funds tie it to few locations)

4. Lack of live characters (even if most action takes place between the main protagonist and characters not present (in the VR-realm))

So, it’s kinda not very excitingly presented – sadly, as its brimming with original ideas (eg. Virtual assassination unlocking an insurance premium killing off the original human, but giving rise to a much better version of self – I mean: That’s so ridiculously cold and completely in tune with the whole world built! Brilliant!)

I won’t NOT give credit for the script. This gets the points. 7.5 out of 10 for the script. I wish I could give it more, but the pacing is really deadly.

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