A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: You Should Self-Publish

Ja, der er altid et marked. Men først skal bøgerne skrives. Og SÅ udgives…

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: You Should Self-Publish.

UPDATE: A few days ago I read of 4 Swedish bestseller authors, who have gone into self publishing. Can’t find the link to the article, but it concluded that only for the very largest names would self publishing be worth their while – considering all the processes involved. When it comes to e-publishing there are fewer processes than in the production of analog books, and Joe Konrath makes it look easy! Maybe… it’s because his road is light entertainment; hard to tell. But if you don’t mix with the rest, you are watching the herd from outside. Free to be the one to accidently stumble over new pastures, and free to chew on the herd’s discarded remains, depending on your luck. But like a friend said to me many years ago: You have to reach for luck.