pollo, perro… is hard!

Neither the dogs
nor the chickens reply to
perro only
tone of voice will bring them
or reject them
unless named

once recognised…
un perro se llama Blanca
because it is white
and has been
defending the house for ages on end… it enters
the human world and takes on
real existance
by way of hand and name

Blanca exists
el perro Blanca exíste
in all languages
through the caring of
at least one naming agent
and two and three…
how easy they come about
if Blanca growels a bit
wagging its tail…
confirms this fact for all to see

so how discount gods
evils and goods
The Taxi In The Lonely Night
anything carrying you
supporting you
loving you
hating you lack of caring gets you
humanos and no more
but name
all that you meet and be the creator
at the center of the only universe
you can ever truly know

Got a name for your self?

make room
let it go

maybe one day
will name YOU
thus placing you
in a much larger sky