EPUB3 wishlist for poets and poetry

While the EPUB3 group is still open to suggestions, it is pertinent to point out that poetry is homeless in ebook readers due to reader choices and auto-reflowing of text.


Possible content in EPUB3 Wishlist:
Speaking as a poet there are two totally overlooked content issues, of which one is VITAL for a whole genre/industri:

1. Poetry.

The following image stems from my blog (most, but not all, in Danish http://krabat.menneske.dk/kkblog/2010/11/02/poetry-and-reflowing-text/);  In this and in a previous entry I exemplify the consequences of reflowing text on poetry – EPUB and PDF.


In the image you will see a visual overview of what a page of poetry could easily contain. Contrary to many people’s opinion poetry is not broken prose – it is very often a graphic totality, which would benefit infinitely more from a graphic perspective than from the present ebook format horisontal line perspective on how text is perceived. And now, since even pdf is going towards auto-reflowing on many ereading devices, poetry no longer has a home in digital litterature – at least not on ereader devices. Continue reading “EPUB3 wishlist for poets and poetry”