My debut as writer of science fiction

In conversation with a fellow science fiction writer a few days ago (Nov. 2020) I realized I actually had my debut as a science fiction writer at age 11-12-13:

A tabloid, most likely BT or Ekstrabladet, made a competition for something extraordinary (possibly science fictiony) towards winning movie tickets, so I wrote a short story about seeing a UFO, which won me the tickets and the story printed in the paper.

When I was bombarded by  requests from UFOlogists and UFO magazines to please assess the inclination on the night sky of the moving dots and their direction and compass orientation, I felt shameful and tossed the lot. I had no qualms about fabricating events to tell my parents or class mates, though, but more than 10 years passed before I felt comfortable making up events in writing.

Over the years I have killed off lots of idea, even before putting a letter to the paper: Once a sequence of functional thought is read, it is out in the open, to parafrase Clive Barker, taking on a life of its own, hard to rein in.

Writing stories for me today is about creating a closed environment for darkness to test the waters, so a reader can decide the temptation.

– Kenneth Krabat, November 2020

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