Quora Q/A: Are the belief, faith, and believe the same?

– No, not even close

No, they are not. But you are missing some:

faith, belief, conviction, trust, confidence, hope.

you HAVE faith, trust, confidence and are convinced and have a belief in…
= passive, it exists, it is there, unchanged, unchangeable
= past experience has proven its worth to you, and as you go into the future you stand on your experience, and by your past experience you evaluate your present and your future
= the assessment of your future is a result of what you have already confirmed to be of value
= your past experience of pain, pleasure, success, failure, and distinction between all experiences, is proof of what has value

you BELIEVE IN, trust, confide, show faith and (show) hope
= active, the action IS doing it, the will to confirm your belief, your trust, your confidence, your conviction IS A SUBJECTIVE FACT, as/since you are doing it
= the object of your action moves into the future a bit ahead of you by your action of belief or hope
= you cause your object to exist by pursuing it and by pursuing it, it will always be a product of your will
= your will is an external guiding star, and believing, trusting, showing confidence in the value of that star an inner desire.

Identifying fully with either makes you an extremist – a nut or a nerd 😀

Most people, also so called researchers and so called firm believers in a religion, usually are able to cross into the other
= value past achievements and value future goals
= care about the proven and care about the desire
= statistical evidence of attempted refutation and empirical evidence of the senses
= found factual and requiring confirmation
= Faction and Fiction
= Was (for most) and Isn’t yet (for most)
= religion/science and imagining/research
= “knowledge” and “belief”
= before and ahead

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