Terra (aka. Battle for Terra) (2007)

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Directed by Aristomenis Tsirbas. With Evan Rachel Wood, Luke Wilson, Justin Long, Chad Allen. A peaceful alien planet faces annihilation, as the homeless remainder of the human race sets its eyes on Terra. Mala, a rebellious Terrian teenager, will do everything she can to stop it.

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review: 2/10

Do you feel peaceful?

26 January 2019

Do you remember any of the movies you saw, where the evil aliens invaded, and the heroic Earthling tried to forge a pact, but the evil aliens went right ahead anyway, but Earth won the day, and the Aliens lost big?

Do you remember scripts that turned it upside down, where the benevolent and peaceful aliens came to Earth only to be killed and maimed, but one of the aliens got through to one of the poor misled Earthlings and managed via a totally unconnected civilian to stop the bloodshed and forge a lasting peace?

Well, this is a mess in-between. And it really IS a mess. Which is rather strange, as a normal movie can be saved in the cutting room, whilst an animated film must be strong from the beginning and through all scenes. And this pile of manure is manure from the get go:

advanced species has learned peace but is secretly constructing weapons from old technology in wait for the day, when their peace will be destroyed.

The assumption is that once someone finds peace, some bully will try to get him, so the peaceful guy might as well keep some weapons in the basement.

And the heroin, who is peaceful and loving and imaginative and delightfully playfull, must – following this rule – turn vengeful and primitive, adhering to the species DNA and dark past as criminal murderers and haters.

Thus we have the strange mix of an animated movie, certainly NOT pixar, telling everybody and their granny how peace is a good thing, and then goes on in good old US fashion to demonstrate that peace is a job for soldiers, who must kill to get to the peace part, and if you do a little hating on the way, its only good for morale.

No body wrote this film, I completely reject the idea that the story had human intervention. It was simply regurgitated from an automatic script machine based on every action movie ever produced in Hollywood or inspired by any of the same movies, with a detour over script machines for video games and eco animation.

There you have it. Its a ghost of war and hate and ecology and complete misunderstanding of the concept of peace.

Peace is not the absence of murder or war or abuse or destruction. Peace is feeling inherently good about what you do. And if you can feel good about destruction, that is peace too.

Tell that to your children. All the other lies are just the military establishment trying to sell you THEIR reality. And gun manufacturers trying to sell you theirs. And supremacists trying to sell you theirs.

Do you feel good about yourself? Well, do you, punk?!

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