Stargate withdrawal symptoms

Viewing order

The Stargate universe, a brief synopsis:

Stargate movie 1994 . The Stargate is found and made to work. A dominant species from the Earth’s past, the Goa-Uld, are found to be still around.
SG-1, 10 seasons, 214 episodes tells the adventures of Stargate Command and its lead team, SG-1, as they begin to explore the universe connected by 1000s of travel devices, known as “stargates”.
SGA, Stargate Atlantis, 5 seasons, 100 episodes is a new foothold at the far corner of the universe, left by the Ancients and explored by Stargate Command.
SGU, Stargate Universe, 2 seasons, 44 episodes takes place on the Infinity ship on a journey towards the beginning of time
The Ark of Truth
Stargate Continuum

Recommended Viewing order:

SG1 Season 1 – season 7
SG1 8×01-8×02 New Order Part 1+2
SGA 1×01-1×02 Rising
SG1 8×03-8×18 and SGA 1×03-1×18 (any order is ok as long as you stop both at episode 18)
SG1 8×19-8×20 Moebius
SGA 1×19-2×01 The Siege
SG1 9×01-9×03 Avalon
SG1 9×04-9×18 and SGA 2×02-2×19
SG1 9×19-10×01
SGA 2×20-3×02
SG1 10×02-10×19 and SGA 3×03-3×19
SG1 10×20 and The Ark of Truth
SGA 3×20-5×01
SGA 5×02-5×20
SGU 1×01-2×20

[from gateworld forum]


And here are different suggestions of viewing order, from people with the theme song embedded in their DNA.

Theme from SG-1

Original theme from Stargate movie (8 min.)

Fully orchestrated theme from Stargate movie (19 min.)

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