“This is a rock. This is not a person!”

via Scott Adams Blog: Future Jobs 09/09/2010

.”I studied geography two hours a week for roughly 6 years minus 1.5 years summer holidays totaling 4.5 years.

52 (weeks) * 4.5 (years) = 234 (weeks)

2 (hours per week) * 234 (weeks) = 468 (hours)

I’ve spent roughly 468 hours of my life studying geography, learning about how rocks erode, mountains form etc. I would say I have applied this knowledge for roughly 2 hours of my whole life after school. There’s little use for it.

Now consider that I spent 0 hours in a relationships and communication class. Most people spend the majority of their lives dealing with relationships and communicating with people. People have such desperately unhealthily relationships with friends, family members and lovers. People don’t know how to show someone they like them. People remain in abusive relationships because they’re afraid of leaving or just don’t know how to.

There’s something wrong when I’ve had 14 years of schooling and I know how to form sigmoid curves from data and still don’t know how to cook.”

Author: krabat

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