Piratpartiet stærkt indflydelsesrigt nu i Tjekkiet

– Česká pirátská strana

Når den civile ulydighed bliver til reel magt, hvad sker der så?

Det får vi at se i Tjekkiet de næste mange år. Det bemærkes samtidig, at det tjekkiske piratparti har 3 medlemmer i EU.

Prague, December 20, 2021 –⁠ After four years, the current mayor Zdeněk Hřib defended his position as the Prague leader of the pirate candidate. This will lead the Pirates to the elections next autumn. In the final race, he gained the trust of the Prague membership base in front of Jana Komrsková, Deputy Mayor of Prague 10. In January, the rest of the list will be elected, with 271 members and a member of the Pirate Party with voting rights in the capital voting again in the primary. Zdeněk Hřib won in the ratio of 116: 85.

“Prague deserves continuity and stability. Despite the fact that we evaluate our election period as successful, it was logically not possible to complete all the projects we started in three years. I want to continue, especially in fulfilling the promise to plant a million trees in 8 years, in fulfilling the Climate Plan from the solar power plant to the biogas plant, I also want to start building city apartments on land, which we are now completing the change with the state. Thanks to our intensive negotiations, tens of billions of crowns from the EU will come to Prague for the development of the city, so we will be able to build more bridges, schools and kindergartens, P + R car parks and metro D and the inner ring road. I also firmly believe that the new government will finally move the outer ring road and build a section 511 as soon as possible, for which we are already buying green belts, while the state has not yet bought a meter of land for the road itself. As a very difficult task, which I definitely do not want to give up, I also see the need to unite the intergenerationally divided society together again, “adds the mayor of the capital. of Prague Hřib.

“I would like to congratulate Zdeněk on his victory. Given the result, the Prague membership base wishes Zdeněk to continue in office, which of course I fully respect. I definitely plan to apply for an optional position on the Prague candidate and work for the capital as a representative, ”said Jana Komrsková to the mayor.

“I would like to thank everyone who decided to vote for me. I will be honored to represent pirate values ​​and promote the pirate program in the next parliamentary term. I take this as a continuation of my commitment to work for Prague with all my might. I would also like to thank Jana Komrsková, Jiří Brůžek and Magdalena Opletalová for a fair fight and a factual debate, and I look forward to running a campaign together at the forefront of the candidate with the best program for Prague. Our common goal in the coming months will be to get the best possible election result and continue the work we have begun, ”says Zdeněk Hřib.

The pirate primary elections will continue after the new year, when it will be decided to fill the candidate in the positions of the 2nd to 13th Prague candidates. The public will learn the complete results of the primaries for the candidate’s lead at the beginning of March 2022.

kilde: https://www.pirati.cz/tiskove-zpravy/hrib-povede-piraty-do-voleb-v-praze.html