merry hearty x-mas




Personalize your cut-out and braid X-mas hearts with a message of your own. Generator page is in Danish, but give it at try anyway; it’s straight forward.

Start easy with one letter on one side and none on the other. Some letters become like barbs, which make the heart hard to braid… 🙂

. and : creates a one-character space and line shift, respectively

Grey area in the template indicates cut-out. Full lines indicate where to cut. Fold between the dottet lines, so the full lines are folded inwards. The two parts of the heart are placed with the two x’s on top of each other, with the circled x not visible inside the heart. (It is important to begin in the right way, due to the holes in the letters “A”, “B”, “D” etc.).

Remember: Have fun.

PS: You need a browser with SVG capabilities to see the final design.