You are (becoming) owned!

what is yours, may not be yours!

Imagine not legally being able to sell your own stuff! Your grandmother’s designer rocker, your iPhone 6, your Stuff-a-bear at a garage sale, because the law grants the intellectual right’s holder the legal right to decide, how your used item is disposed of and at what price…!

WHICH ONE THING would you try to peddle in the street, if this law was passed – in a worldwide garage sale?

From an email received from Demand Progress:

Friends, I’m passing along this email from Demand Progress about an important upcoming Supreme Court case that affects all Americans.

A few months ago Demand Progress — joined by over 100,000 Internet users and a coalition of public interest groups — asked President Obama to take action and protect consumers’ rights to resell their own things.

The Supreme Court is currently hearing a case (Kirstaeng v. Wiley) that will decide whether you have the right to sell your iPod, books, and other goods on eBay and Craigslist — or even at your own yard sale.

But the entertainment industry lobbyists at the MPAA and RIAA have filed a brief in the Supreme Court mocking consumers’ concerns — just like they did during the SOPA Fight.

These special interests admit that they want the Supreme Court to decide against the interests of ordinary Americans and protect the music and film industries’ “ability to control entry into distinct markets.”

You heard that right — Hollywood admits that controlling their CD and DVD markets is more important than consumer rights.

Amazingly, the Obama administration agrees and has rejected the pleas of thousands of ordinary consumers.

The White House’s solicitor general filed a legal brief rejecting our arguments and allowing big businesses to sue people for reselling their things online.


-Demand Progress

The Supreme Court will hear this case in a couple of weeks, so please get your friends involved right away:

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WHICH ONE THING would you try to peddle in the street, if this law was passed – in a worldwide garage sale?