Why anti-piracy regulation

will continue to fail

US Government Works on Consumer Awareness Campaign to Combat Piracy

Source: https://torrentfreak.com/us-government-works-on-consumer-awareness-campaign-to-combat-piracy-210320/

my comment:

Just to put the ideal customer for this mind-set in view, here they is:

– a law abiding, law-fearing, non-demanding, money earning, self-controlled, work and family occupied, non-creative person with too high a salary and too little to spend it on.

This does not address one or a combination of the following, and as long as the industry insists on such one-sidedness, there will be no end to piracy.

– people living in solitude
– people of little means
– people whose hourly wage is too low to spur loss
– people with wide and demanding taste
– people with too much time on their hands
– people with disabilities
– people with little respect of consumerism
– people with little respect of law supporting intellectual ownership
– people with little respect of authority
– people more used to bartering
– people who regard free as gratis
– people who believe all content should be available to all
– people rejecting capitalism and profit maximisation
– people rejecting one-size-fits-all
– people critizising unavailability due to low demand
– people in need of non-national culture
– people critizising monopolies
– people without jobs
– people living in cultures forbidding certain content
– people being lied to by their governments and doing something about that
– people finding content being censored by their governments and doing something about that
– people with poor postal services
– people with poor internet services
– people with exorbitantly expensive internet services (looking at you, USA)
– people with little content available to them
– people subjected to endless re-runs on national media
– people being talked down to by authority
– people subjected to bad teaching
– people living in war zones
– people working or stationed in foreign cultures
– people homesick of their own culture
– people made impatient with the NEW from producers’ endless hype
– people lacking excitement in their lives
– people challenged to find stuff
– people annoyed with producer’s lack of cooperation
– people preferring to support artists directly rather than the middlemen
– people lured into consumerism
– people feeling unconnected to digital content
– people regarding art and data as belonging to all
– people in disregard of the concept of Power
– people seeking personal empowerment with their present means
– people seeking technical communities
– people seeking likeminded friends
– people feeling inferior
– people incapable of seeing the content systems for what they mean to creatives, technicians and administrators
– people incapable of seeing the content systems as evolutionary present
– people owning so little that ownership makes little sense
– people believing their talents for finding making finding right
– people confusing ease with right
– people seeing themselves as fighters of oppression, exploitation, freedom to choose
– people making statements about culture
– people equalising The Free Marked with The Lowest Denominator and Shit Wins
– people despising movie exec’s focus on blatant money makers with little nourishment
– people loving content they cannot and can never afford through legal means
– people using the Internet as a discovery zone and learning place
– people learning how to navigate the digital world
– people having lost or never had understanding of the physical world
– people feeling lonely, reaching out
– people being curious, exploring the world of culture,
– people tasting content, not really consuming
– people believing they are doing everyone a favour
– people feeling protective of certain content
– people feeling responsible for the survival of certain content
– people enjoying themselves without feeling destructive
– people regarding their activities as expressions of rebellion
– people sending messages with their activities
– people looking for the right receivers of certain messages
– people consciously making a living as a criminal
– people who just don’t give a damn about anyone but themselves
– people helping people out
– people addicted to their activities, who in reality need help
– people collecting out of psychological burn-ins (“anal retentives”, horders)
– people who have done it for a long time and find it normal
– people who are new to it and find it exciting
– people seeing no crimes committed
– people thriving on the excitement of breaking laws
– people despising laws trumping visions and creativity
– people despising authority trumping understanding and the addressing of individuals
– people in despise of authority regulating creativity out of people
– people in despect of authority incapable of doing right to the Larger Tribe
– people not recognising law allowing the free reign of psychos and power mongers
– people who are sad
– people who has nothing or no one
– people who have dreams but no means
– people in need of cheering up
– people in need of education, elucidation, edification
– people just tired of the same old shit being pushed
– people despising physical media
– people actually loving physical media
– people using certain content as friend bait
– people who just don’t know anything
– people who see it as their responsibility to consume the widest possible range of content in order to become a more enlightened and worthy member of the Human Tribe, since everyone else seems to just restrict themselves to their own little corner without desire to actually work together to further the evolution of the Human Species
– people who are simply hungry
– people who reject “piracy” as a collective deed done (rather than lots and lots of individual actions stating various things)
– people searching for that bit of authentic content, which gives hope

says Forbes too: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andychatterley/2019/02/15/loving-the-enemy-it-is-time-to-embrace-digital-piracy-audiences/?sh=4573fca34934

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