Visual Perception of "Reincarnational Selves"

Soon after you begin to work with the technique you will notice that the visual changes often take on the appearance of completely different individuals than the one you sat down with. You may also experience "hallucinatory" images, generally very strange-looking distortions of creatures not known to exist. The question becomes, "Why do such images occur?"

One possible explanation is that the subconscious portion of our minds tries to create something "recognizable" out of the unfocused image information the technique produces. At first glance I would accept that explanation, but that cannot possibly account for my experience of seeing the blond girl, in a totally different environment, with as much reality as any normal experience in my life. There have also been many other times when people I've worked with have described me as appearing to them as a dark-complected, Incan or Aztec warrior type, or as one of two quite different women. From their descriptions it seems to me that they may be seeing the same persons as the others saw, though I can't be certain because I did not observe those images myself.

What I am certain of is the fact that the visual changes take on the distinct appearance of other individuals. I cannot provide any suitable explanations for the "hallucinatory" images other than their being the result of subconscious attempts to create stability in the images perceived. However, the perception of the blond girl, and the similarity in descriptions others have made of their "changed" perception of me, leads me to consider these images may indeed be related to reincarnational selves.

My own opinion concerning reincarnation differs from the generally accepted theories due to two primary observations. One is that both my friend and I saw the blond girl from the same perspective in the room. We both perceived the same person, so it was not "him as the girl" that I saw, or vice versa. If the girl was a previous incarnation, which of us did she reincarnate as? The second observation is that while using the technique, the subjective experience of both individuals seems to merge, the impression is not so much that you "pick up" on what the other is experiencing, but that you become one with the other, to varying levels of intensity.

Eastern religious philosophies hold the opinion that all of existence is part of one, larger consciousness; that we are all portions of The Whole, Buddha, The All, God, whatever you want to call it. They consider that our individualized consciousness is actually part of a larger, single consciousness, and that the divisions we experience between our sense of "self" and "other than self" are artificial. But, they also believe that our individualized consciousness takes on one form after another as separate incarnations of the same individual.

I personally believe that the divisions separating portions of the "Big Consciousness" can be momentarily dissolved using this technique, that individualized subjective experiences can merge, and that any two people can merge consciousness in this way. If it is possible that the experiences of other persons living at other times are perceivable in the present moment, it stands to reason that any person can tune into the experience of any other person who has ever lived.

If you were psychically similar to another person living in the past you may have a tendency to tune into that person's experience, without having actually lived as that person. In the experience where my friend and I both perceived the blond girl, he and I had first merged our consciousness into a single unit, which may have been psychically similar to that of the girl, or to a physical person who may have been sitting on the bed watching her. I prefer to stick with easily produced demonstrations, such as the experience of the Psychic Window Technique, rather than offer theoretical explanations which may later be found in error, but this is my present opinion on the nature of the perceptions produced by the technique. Whether or not "reincarnational selves" are actually perceived has yet to be determined. Once you've begun using this technique you will have your own experiences and come to your own conclusions.

(Seth, in _Seth Speaks_ by Jane Roberts, states that we reincarnate as more than one person alive in the same time period, refering to these other selves as "counterparts." Perhaps my friend and I are both reincarnations of that blond girl. Who knows?)

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