The Psychic Window Technique
(condensed for easy reference)

1) Sit a comfortable but intimate distance across from another person.

2) Look at one of the other person's eyes. If you look at their right eye, they should look at your left eye. (All the "action" is on one side.)

3) Focus upon the other's eye at all times, while attempting to to extend or expand your range of clear perception to include all of the person's face. Always look for clear, well defined visual images, (though not necessarily the image of the person you sat down with!) Blink whenever your eyes need wetting.

4) Take turns describing the intensity of the changes you see in your perception of the other person's face, as they occur. Do not be concerned with specific details, but with generalities, such as changes in the amount of blurriness or the appearance of "other person" facial characteristics. Do not indulge in unpleasant hallucinatory images. They can be stopped by blinking or looking away for a moment, but inform the other person when they occur.

5) Verify that the changes in visual perception occur at the same time and have the same level of intensity, and that this constitutes perceiving the subjective experience of another person (telepathy).

6) After (5) has been verified, continue the visual concentration and place your attention "in both bodies" while being alert for strong emotional sensation. Tell the other when you feel a strong emotion and verify that this was felt by you both at the same time.

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