Fed up with not being able to find what you are looking for?

We need to organize out data in a different way from what we have been used to in the short life of the Internet.

What began as a global library based on individual's input has turned into private enterprise leeching on individual's labour.

Take imdb.com - where else do you go to look for info on films!? What do you do, if you cannot find info about a film, meaning data no one has entered into imdb? You do a general search on the title, meaning actor, date, year or what ever specifics of the data, you are looking for. And you end up with a lot of dubious results, or most likely none at all.

For a time it looked as if bittorrent was the answer to it all: Everybody is sharing what they have with everyone else - but this data transportation protocol is slowly drowning in lawsuits due to copyrights infringements, even if legal sharing is a great success for those using it.

So, how do I share all of my data, meaning data that interests me, without becoming a librarian and having to tag every single file?

And how do I avoid things being so easy to find for everyone that specific data can be censored out of search results?

Can I envision a future, where access to specific words are granted on a basis of necessity to the Whole? Who eg. can read about LSD and submit info on LSD? Only those having used LSD. How do you prove you have? By inputting an essay on your experience with LSD. Collective specific permitters to LSD-info will review your essay, and grant you access on a clearance level fitting of your own level - possibly with option to learn, ie. earn more knowledge, if your own level shows willingsness to learn in a serious manner.

Why is this different from wikipedia? Because wikipedia is factuel, whereas this is subjective, and based on personal experience.

What about Now-access to answers to now-questions in life? How does it differ from school?

[possible short-story titled "school of life"]

Could we expect that all of this takes place through a universal language, making all nations participate in this sharing and controlling the level of access to knowledge?

Could we imagine someone, who is not sharing, and who doesn't want to share? What will this person do with his life? School teaches and he responds normally, but he doesn't input into the Collective. He just thinks.


Could we imagine him as the first of a new breed, who is attuned to the Collective without hardware? Which means that he can access anything he wants to know - and so can everyone else, if he is willing to answer... "I just know stuff", when someone discovers his hardware is not attuned to the Collective.

Can we imagine people finding about his ability, and trying to reach the highest levels of the Collective through him?

Can we imagine him being flooded with insight from the Collective, as new doors into human cruelty and ruthlessness become obvious to him?

Can we imagine him trying to find ways to stop caring about answers, so he doesn't become flooded with info from the higher levels of the Collective?

Can we imagine love and the massive information of love in the Collective being his salvation - that everything about human's desire for love over-shadowing every other thing - even cruelty and crime committed in the search for love?

Can we imagine there is no conscpiracy to prevent anyone from knowing anything, only demands that they themselves have earned understanding - but that he is an anomaly, which threatens the machinery, because he can be exploited by others, who crave information on a higher level than they themselves have earned the rights to?

Can we imagine an ending, which benefits both him and the Whole - without him losing his "powers" and everybody suddenly acquiring similar "powers"? A space for him to live with his affliction, and everyone else living without?

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