Gap into vision: there is no such thing as fiction

fiction doesn’t exist

there is no such thing as fiction

there is only the visiting of another person’s reality

so, what are the consequences?

Nothing is excusable, you cannot hide behind fiction – anything you write or say is your reality

anything you say or think is you

everything that goes through you and out to others is what constitutes you

you cannot escape reality, Your reality

this is what Leary and others before and after him means – this is the meaning of “one reality before, many realities after”

this in towards the infinite POW, the all-seeingness of letting go of judgement to just observe, possibly put into the code of reality-programmers like yourself these observations

this is the break-through into seeing, damn

fiction is fiction – this is the key

fiction is the concept of not-being-body, is the instinctive acceptance any reality shared, almost how ever different from the physical world.

fiction does not exist, there is only badly realised reality