“What will it take to control AI?”

– Are you idiots? The will to do so! NOT give it autonomy!

I cannot believe you bring two such qualified people together and this is what you have them talk about?!

I want to know, what Harari means by agency – does he even know, how an LLM works – and what is meant by it being Non-Autonomous by default?! And does Suleyman really, really believe that EU AI-constraint laws will matter, if countries outside of EU give autonomy to AIs?

Groundwork, people! Common language and definitions – rather than this journalistic boxing ring attitude, how ever respectful. We do not have time for it. We need to educate the general population OF EARTH on this NOW second-most high risk to the future of humanity, Climate change being the primary – that ALSO this AI research (= slave-making, assistive research and data-crunching etc) is a remnant of a colonisation of the Earth, of civilisation giving agency to the rich stepping over and on everyone else.

Before it was about soiling the living room, causing damp rot to infect the construction, now its playing with parents’ gun collection, except we haven’t gotten into the ammunition cabinet yet.

There is NO real NEED for AI. It takes away the attention from all things ailing the people of the Earth, which COULD be solved by empathy.