iPad off-line apps wishlist for writer/podcaster, Oct.2010

I am quite new to iPad/mobile devices, but not to Apple. I have toolbox dreams like this:

  1. I write prose, poetry and essays, maintain a WP blog, and record and edit podcast.
  2. I produce and edit in .doc, .docx, .rtf., pdf, EPUB, .txt, .html, mp3, .aiff and .jpg.
  3. I want to bring ALL of my working library with me (3.1 gigs) and work with all archive-types on the road, independant of wifi-connection.

Which apps for iPad?

  • doc/docx/rtf/txt: Apple Pages for iPad is getting really bad press. What else is there?
  • publish to EPUB: Is it even possible on iPad? Thinking of how difficult and imprecise it is on laptop/desktop!
  • pdf: Edit and/or production to set size, trim for web pulishing
  • html: something like BBEdit would be fine, with layout view in browser
  • mp3/aiff/wav: Simple cropping and save, if possible simple effects
  • jpg: cropping, resizing, shrinking

Wishful dreaming? I mean – how can I even get documents on to the iPad AND edit them?

Author: krabat

digter, forlægger, oversætter, admin på kunstnerhotellet menneske.dk

2 thoughts on “iPad off-line apps wishlist for writer/podcaster, Oct.2010”

  1. There ARE several ways to get documents onto the iPad, but not until iOS4.2 will there be anything like folders to keep stuff in. November 2010 – and I am waiting for that!

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