the heart is deceitful above all things – LeRoy, 21-årig forfatter med salgssucces og stor kändis-hjælpekreds, tidl. hustler, prostitueret, misbrugt og uelsket barn.

Fra et interview – the cult of J.T.LeRoy,press,25519,1.html

Authors he admires all write complex, layered prose, and he’s afraid his work may be stuck in a groove. “How do you will growth?” he asks in a strained tone. “I write from this sick shit that’s in me, stuff I’m still trying to work out.”

“I’ll never be able to write anything like that again, for better or worse. I wasn’t writing for an audience, there was no book deal, I was just writing like a shark swims. Now I have that feeling of being looked at over my shoulder.”

Han røg ind i det efter 5 år, mig tog det 10. Hvor længe tog det dig?

Det er en transitfase. Den dukker op igen med mellemrum. Det er et spøgelse, der forfølger dig og finder dig igen. Lader du det, spiser det dig. Seriøst.

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