15. marts 2006

this is just the good part
I know it wont amount to much out of dramatic context
but here is what:

I was with her for half a day
we were naked in each others arms
in a comfy couch overlooking a metropole
and she said to me without pre-amble: I love you
and since I'm not the kind of guy to take easy favours
I replied: How can you? incredously

this is what she said:
I utterly trust you, I don't know why and I wont ask why
I utterly respect what I know and have known for eight hours
I don't imagine I will for as long as I know you
you wouldn't be interesting
if you weren't potentially human
I am simply very comfortable with you
you are easy going
and again
you may change but I'm not one
to pass up the real and instant goodness
in being able to snuggle up to a man's neck after making it

It all comes from inside
all are pointers to the same place
it doesn't exist cannot be found
without these guides
but once identified love is right there
in the center of feeling
right smack in the middle of things
and that's why I love you
right now
you have entered into the middle of my feelings

I changed she changed she vanished or I did
but not the words
not this instruction
it's still with me

today I look for markers
not what she'd have done I think
but then again
I'm not her
my vision is different
my needs are different
my trust is rarely utter
and thus my love is different
dependent on respect comfort trust definitions out of jinx
out of center
so I need her words to keep breathing
I really need her words
I do

nothing is the same once you believe
love can be found

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