Knowledge is merely "information" until it is perceived as a reality in your 
own experience.

Mental telepathy is a reality. To me this is a statement of obvious fact, having been verified in my experience many hundreds of times over the past twenty years. Shortly after you finish reading this booklet the reality of telepathy will become actual knowledge to you as well, through personal experience.

The Psychic Window Technique is a very unique method for developing telepathic ability for two reasons. First, it is a visual technique. It involves looking into the eye of another person and a moment later you find yourself experiencing visual "distortions," even outright hallucinations. Both you and your partner will experience these alterations in visual perception at the same time, and they will occur to both of you with the same level of intensity. This has been a mind-blowing experience to the vast majority of people I've worked with, and it is very easy to accomplish. (I often explain the directions and get results within 60 seconds.)

The other unique quality of this technique is that it will, once and for all, establish the validity of telepathic communication in academic terms, particularly through the use of bio-feedback equipment in future testing.

It seems to me that anyone familiar with the last 100 years of parapsychological research, where experiments attempting to validate clairvoyance are often discredited only because telepathy may have been involved, cannot refuse to accept the overwhelming evidence supporting the validity of telepathic communication. However, the level of ignorance regarding this subject is so wide spread that even the National Enquirer refused to allow me to advertise this booklet in their classified section, telling me the subject matter was "unacceptable." Had they bothered to read the booklet, and spend ten minutes using the technique, a feature article would probably have shown up on the cover. This is just one example of the lack of understanding involved with the subject of telepathy at this point in history.

Fringes of Reason (published by the Whole Earth Catalog) is as a whole quite cynical regarding the subject of "non-ordinary reality." Even so, it shows the results of polls taken over the last 70 years which indicate that public belief in paranormal events has been growing since the turn of the century, with just over 50% of those polled currently accepting a belief in telepathy in particular. The Signant Handbook of Parapsychology contains about twenty research papers mostly in support of paranormal phenomena. The Journal of the Psychical Research Society is also a good source of scientific research into these areas; yet the Society, as an organization, refuses to take a stand as to whether or not any paranormal phenomena exist in fact. All opinions expressed in the Journal are solely those of independent researchers. A feature article in the October '90 issue of Omni reports that research at Princeton indicates ordinary individuals are capable influencing the output of a random number generator with their conscious intent (telekinesis). The factor of influence averaged about 0.02% (1 in 500). Even minute results such as these are contested as to potential inaccuracy by those in hard sciences like physics, and no wonder. Proof of psychic phenomena would clearly demonstrate the previous refusal of science in general to accept the reality of effects they can't understand, as well as show how little science knows about the true nature of physical manifestation. Scientists studying sub-atomic physics are aware that many of their experiments are influenced by the presence of the experimenter, but the mechanism for such effects is so beyond comprehension that these scientists can not even theorize a testing method to determine what is really going on.

Fortunately for us, telepathy has been a reality as long as man has been conscious, and it only takes a few minutes for any two people to demonstrate that fact using this technique. I have worked with hundreds of people using this technique, and the vast majority of them have experienced convincing results within 10 minutes, some in less than 10 seconds. These people had the advantage of working with someone familiar with the method, so it might take a bit longer for you the first time, but probably not. The amount of time you can expect to spend doing the telepathy exercise before achieving definite, undeniable results depends mostly upon upon your attitude toward the subject. If you aren't afraid for others to know you intimately, if you have an open mind not burdened with cynical attitudes, if you possess creative skills, meditate, or have experienced flashes of intuitive insight in the past, you can expect to do well quickly. > And though I believe science has the best philosophical system for deriving universal truths, when they approach subjects of investigation lying outside the range of their instruments, science often resorts to falling upon subjectively derived theory not the least bit superior to religious dogma. Science is often proven wrong, by science itself, yet religious philosophy has rarely, if ever, been proven right in the first place. What we need in order to know the truth is experience, and though we may later redefine our interpretation of that experience, the experience itself remains unchanged. P> The effects of The Psychic Window Technique can be very intense, exciting, and yes, frightening. (It wouldn't be nearly as fun if this were not the case.) What is actually involved here is a simple observation about the nature of physical reality. If you have a superstitious bent, realize that logic and reason are the tools we have for describing our world. If something happens, there is a logical, rational explanation, regardless of whether or not that explanation is known. I have some theories related to the effects produced by this technique, but even after working with it for more than 20 years, the explanation concerning the how and why of it eludes me.

A belief in an "evil force" will only hamper your progress. Those who hold such a belief should search for flaws in their reasoning, as in all my years of psychic wandering I have never encountered any unpleasant "force" which did not evaporate when my belief in it was removed. No psychic force of will can affect you against your own will unless you allow it to do so. Believing this is a prerequisite to maintaining psychological stability, particularly when "looking through the psychic window." If you do not believe this, I recommend that you do not use this technique, yet I also ask you to realize that the technique simply demonstrates a purely natural phenomena.

To most of us such warnings seem ridiculous. But when we suddenly find ourselves confronted with the actual experience of "impossibilities" we are all subject to slipping into "the fear of the unknown." This type of fear is a legitimate one, in that it prevents us from diving head first into situations which could prove dangerous. The swimming pool may look empty, but they often do when the water is still. To dive in without caution could produce an unfortunate modification in the shape of one's head. Fear of the unknown tells us to proceed with caution. It does not tell us never to venture from the cave. If it did that's where we'd still be living, if the race had survived at all.

An excessive fear of the unknown is generally to blame for those few who fail to be impressed with this technique. They experience concerns about the possibility of being hypnotized against their will (because they do not understand the nature and limitations of hypnosis) or, when they realize the person they are working with has "gotten inside their mind," they slam the psychic doors shut, defending the integrity of their "mental space" by refusing to accept such things as being possible. Telling them that their fear is the problem only piles more mental furniture against the door, since it demonstrates a knowledge of their "hidden" fear, which you are not supposed to be aware of. Everyone is likely to encounter the fear of the unknown the moment the technique begins to produce its initial visual effects; but curiosity, and awareness of the knowledge one stands to gain, is enough motivation to remember that fear is simply caution blown out of proportion.

The other primary reason for lack of results is "intellectual bigotry." This problem also has it's roots in fear of the unknown, though it can more accurately be called "fear of not knowing all the answers." People possessing this sort of attitude have generally been around awhile and have seen one outlandish claim after another debunked. Not having the time or patience to personally investigate every new outlandishness, but feeling they must know the answers to such questions, they often make do with accepting a blanket disbelief in all things paranormal. These people consider themselves to be highly rational individuals, yet accepting blanket beliefs is exactly the same mistake made by people they consider completely irrational -- those who experience one or two paranormal phenomena and then conclude all such claims are valid.

True reason tells us that regardless of what we perceive to be the facts today, new evidence is possible in the future which could radically alter our present interpretation of the truth. All one has to do is watch the sky and it is absolutely, undeniably true that the sun circles the earth. You and I and everyone else can observe this day after day without fail. The entire universe can be seen to rotate with the earth at its center, and there is no easily observable data to contradict these observations.

A simple change of perspective is all it takes to see that there is much more to the truth than what is obvious, and that the truth is a matter of perspective. Even time and space could, from another perspective, appear to be illusionary. There is a whole truth, a Reality which exists apart from our interpretation of it. To understand more of this reality we must increase the number of perspectives from which we make our observations.

What we all need is an open, curious mind. Those who cling to superstition, religious dogma or intellectual bigotry will only prevent themselves from gaining valuable knowledge. There is nothing wrong with a bit of healthy skepticism; in fact that could make the results you experience all the more impressive. Telepathy is a reality and the technique works. Period. You are holding the key to personally verifying the truth of this statement in your (virtual) hands.

And the Psychic Window Technique is more than a telepathy exercise. It can also be used to perceive "reincarnational selves" visually. Not everyone can be expected to consider these perceptions to be images of other incarnations, but I don't know what else to call them. (When you see them, you can tell me what they are.)

For 95% of you the Psychic Window Technique should prove to be a mind blowing experience. You aren't simply reading about psychic skills, you are learning to use these skills, with definite results possible within a few short minutes.

Allow me to welcome you to a grand new adventure.

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