Clinical Testing?

The usual methods of testing for telepathic ability are generally designed to refute or validate the ability in a specific "gifted" individual. As far as I am concerned, proving I have such an ability is irrelevant. More important is verifying that The Psychic Window Technique is a method of creating awareness of a telepathic link between any two individuals. Simply using the technique yourself will provide all the proof you need, personally, but the academic community requires massive amounts of statistical evidence accumulated under controlled conditions.

A short time ago I managed to do some very basic tests which indicate that the Psychic Window Technique can be verified with bio-feedback equipment. The basic hypothesis is that visual and emotional experience become correlated while using the technique. This implies that one person should be able to describe the level of emotional arousal in another participant. Because a subject's actual level of emotional response can be verified by monitoring the constant changes in his or her level of skin capacitance (electro-dermal response) it is possible to test for telepathic emotional communication using bio-feedback equipment.

I sat down with a subject connected to a computer system via electrodes attached to her skin. The computer presented a continuously forming graph on the screen which tracked her emotional response. The monitor was positioned between us, off to one side, where she could see the display by glancing toward it, but I could not see it at all.

We looked at each other's eye for a moment while I waited for emotional sensations to occur in me. By comparing the relative intensities of my emotional experience over a period of time, I could then estimate the relative time and height of her response curves. For example, "During the last five seconds the screen should show two small bumps followed by a significantly larger bump." No problem. The graph matched my description. This was quite easily accomplished and I believe consistent results are very probable.

This is of course very sloppy experimentation in real research terms, but all I was after was making sure such testing was feasible. I feel confident such methods will produce fine results using hundreds of subjects trained in the use of The Psychic Window for less than an hour, and I'm looking forward to the opportunity to conduct this type of serious, tightly controlled research.

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